SAB's Top Posts For The Last Week, Open Thread


These were the top posts, by page views, on for the week that was:

Democrat Legislator Jessica Haak Calls Republican Majority Leader A “Nazi” – Rep. Jessica Haak – (D-Jamestown) got caught posting nasty things, untrue things about Republicans on Twitter. When House Majority Leader Al Carlson confronted her about it, she called him a “Nazi” in another Twitter posting. She later apologized in a statement on the floor of the House.

House Republicans Approve $1.67 Million To Buy Ski Resort – After contentious debates over the expansion of Medicaid, and a school choice bill, the Parks and Recreation budget wasn’t getting a lot of attention. But people should have been watching, because revealed during floor debate was a line item authorizing a $1.67 million appropriation to purchase the Frostfire Ski Resort. The proponent of the purchase, Rep. Dave Monson, told the House that it was necessary to provide office space for Parks & Rec and Game & Fish officials in the area. But if they use the ski slope’s chateau for offices, how is the ski slope going to operate?

Three ND Legislators Convicted Of Alcohol-Related Traffic Offenses – The Fargo Forum ran a piece on state legislators involved in traffic fines, but didn’t report that three legislators had been arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, including Forum media darling Rep. Josh Boschee. Another legislator, state Senator Tyler Axness, was revealed to have been arrested for underage drinking in Minnesota. All this as the legislature considers tougher laws for underage drinking and drunk driving.

North Dakota House Votes To Stop State Enforcement Of New Federal Gun Control Laws – After lengthy debate – during which Rep. Eliot Glassheim (D-Grand Forks) called the bill the beginning of a new “civil war” and vowed not to say the Pledge of Allegiance any more if it passed (video at the link) – the North Dakota House passed a bill prohibiting the use of state resources to enforce any new federal gun control laws.

North Dakota Supreme Court Gives Locked Out Crystal Workers Unemployment Benefits – The state Supreme Court overturned the decision of North Dakota Job Service, a lower court ruling and common sense and granted locked out American Crystal Sugar union workers some $4 million in unemployment benefits. This despite state law prohibiting unemployment benefits in “any work stoppage dispute.”