Port: NDGOP sees fourth month of cash declines under new leadership


MINOT — The financial situation for the North Dakota Republican Party continues to worsen under the leadership of controversial new chair Sandi Sanford.

Sanford, who was narrowly elected by the populist, Donald Trump-aligned faction of the NDGOP earlier this year, has now presided over four straight months of declines in the party’s cash reserves.

According to the party’s August financial disclosure to the Federal Election Commission (see below), the NDGOP took in just $9,978 in revenues, but spent $22,173.04 in total operating expenditures, good for a deficit of $12,195.04.

The party’s cash on hand dropped from just over $158,000 in July to just over $146,000 at the end of August.

At the end of April, the party had over $229,000 cash on hand.

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