Port: Remind me again how the MAGA movement isn’t a cult?


MINOT — A friend told me a joke recently, and it’s a pretty good one, though it’s one of those that is funny because it is true but also disconcerting because, again, it is true.

“How many Donald Trump supporters does it take to screw in a light bulb?” my friend asked.

“Zero” was the punch line. “Trump just says the bulb has been changed, and his supporters cheer in the dark.”

Funny, right? And depressing. And it got me thinking about Trump’s recent appearance on Meet the Press—specifically, his comments about abortion during that interview.

For this column, I’m asking you to set aside your views on abortion. That’s hard. It’s an emotional issue. But my purpose here is to reveal something about Trump and his movement, not the abortion issue.

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