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Print Column: We’re Going to Do Something Stupid With the Legacy Fund

Print Column: We’re Going to Do Something Stupid With the Legacy Fund

MINOT, N.D. — We’re going to end up doing something really, really dumb with the Legacy Fund. It was created by the North Dakota Legislature, with approval from the voters, back in 2010. As of February the fund had about $5 billion in it thanks to revenues from oil and gas development. Yet, at this

Lonesome Dove bar in Mandan, North Dakota

Guest Post: Mandan’s Leadership Promotes Bland Irrelevance

This guest post was submitted by Raheem Williams, policy director for the North Dakota Young Republicans. North Dakota has developed an infamous reputation as one of America’s least desirable tourist location. The state has proposed a few solutions to draw in tourists – gimmicks such as the numerous redesigns of the official state logo and an expensive temple dedicated to a

Rep. Kevin Cramer, R-N.D., listens to Dennis Kooren, who chairs the Fargo Pension Protection Committee, during a meeting of the group at Marlin's restaurant in Fargo Tuesday, Aug. 7. Tu-Uyen Tran / Forum News Service

Should the Federal Government Penalize Banks for Discriminating Against the Gun Industry?

A tactic of the left in recent years is to bring political pressure to bear on banks which fund or otherwise do business with industries our liberal friends don’t like. Because nothing says progressive like ideological ostracism. The oil and coal industries are one target of this push. Recently socialist Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez harangued the CEO

Archive Photo by Dickinson State University Theodore Roosevelt Center

Guest Post: Let’s Dream Big and Build the Theodore Roosevelt Library

This guest post was submitted by Patrick Finken. He helped create the Norsk Hostfest and produced the Party of the Century that drew over 100,000 fellow North Dakotans to the state capitol mall in 1989. His company, Odney, also created the very successful Legendary brand strategy and campaign for the North Dakota Tourism Division. North

Rep. Kelly Armstrong, R-N.D., meets with the Grand Forks Herald Editorial to discuss his first few months in the U.S. House of Representatives. (Photo/ Emily Allen, Grand Forks Herald)

Plain Talk: Congressman Armstrong Tells Critics “I Had an Oil Well in My First Campaign Ad”

Congressman Kelly Armstrong has come under fire this week for his background working and investing in the oil industry. Some say it should disqualify him from serving on a House committee tasked with addressing climate change. “Congratulations to the D.C. media. It took them two months to figure out I’m in the oil industry,” Armstrong

If It’s About Safety and Not Revenues, Why Let Local Governments Keep Revenues From Traffic Fines?

Yesterday the state House approved SB2304, allowing local governments to assess traffic fines beyond what is set in state law. “There’ll be much talk about how the cities are trying to raise revenue, but that is not true. This is truly a safety issue,” Rep. Mary Adams, a Grand Forks Democrat and Hitler meme aficionado,

North Dakota Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem Jesse Trelstad/Forum News Service

Attorney General Stenehjem Disputes Treasurer Schmidt’s Claim That His Office Told Her to Continue Erroneous Oil Tax Allocations

Earlier this year it was revealed that oil tax allocations to various state funds weren’t being made properly. This was revealed during negotiations the state had with the Three Affiliated Tribes of the Fort Berthold reservation over a new oil tax agreement. State officials now believe revenues from the state’s share of oil taxes levied

Senator Kevin Cramer, pictured here during the 2018 election cycle. (Annie Flanagan/Copyright 2019 The New York Times)

Plain Talk: Senator Cramer Says He’s “Sure” Trump Supports Electoral College Because It Won Him Election in 2016

President Donald Trump is widely seen as a populist leader. So why, in the wake of criticism of the Electoral College from Democrats, would he be saying he supports it given that it’s a decidedly anti-populist institution? Asked on this episode of Plain Talk if maybe Trump supports the Electoral College because it was why

A Lawmaker Posting Memes Comparing Trump to Hitler Is Why North Dakota Democrats Can’t Get Traction at the Ballot Box

“Will Democrats Ever Be Able to Win Back Rural America?” That was the headline over a recent Vice article by former Grand Forks Herald reporter Sam Easter. Given his background covering the state, Easter chose to explore an answer to that question by focusing on Democrats in North Dakota. And conclusion of the article seems

A mural on the front of the Lonsome Dove bar in Mandan which local officials say is illegal.

You Can’t Just Do Art Without the Government’s Permission

Recently I read an article from Reason about a pizzeria in Arlington, Virginia, which came under fire from local government because the mural they paid to paint on their business featured pizza. The mural included pizza because the business, you know, sells pizza, but apparently that’s against the rules. “Under Arlington County’s sign code, no