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The front of the Fargo office of Americans for prosperity is pictured here after having been vandalized. Photo via Sierra Heitkamp

This Conservative Group’s Fargo Office Has Been Vandalized Repeatedly Since It Was Opened

This Conservative Group’s Fargo Office Has Been Vandalized Repeatedly Since It Was Opened

Americans for Prosperity is a conservative-leaning, free-market-promoting group that operates in numerous states across the nation. While the group has faced no small amount of criticism and backlash nationally, you may be surprised to learn that their Fargo office, headquarters for their North Dakota chapter, has been vandalized repeatedly since opening. The most recent attack

Amelia Demarest, 15, was one of many students and young people who addressed climate change during a town hall meeting organized by City Commissioner John Strand on Wednesday, Nov. 27, in City Hall. Michael Vosburg / Forum Photo Editor

A Kid in Fargo Thinks Climate Change Might Kill Him Before He’s 50, How Did We Get to This Point?

In Fargo this week, there was a climate change town hall organized by Fargo City Commissioner John Strand. It was well-attended, featuring dozens of speakers with different ideas for how Fargo, as a community, could address the issue. Remember, for many of these people, we are beyond the point of debating whether or not some

Print Column: Be Thankful That Americans Choose to Do So Much of What They Don’t Have To

MINOT, N.D. — One of the wonders of our free society is that nobody is required to do much of anything. Sure, there are certain imperatives. We all need food and shelter, and getting those basics requires effort. Yet our society enjoys a level of convenience and wealth which would be almost unimaginable to our

The rear window of a Tesla electric car owned by the Lignite Energy Council of North Dakota Photo via the LEC

Jason Bohrer: The Coal Industry Loves Electric Cars

This guest post was submitted by Jason Bohrer, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Lignite Energy Council. In October, David Ferris, a reporter with E&E News came through North Dakota driving an electric KIA. He stopped in Bismarck and used the charger in the back of the Lignite Energy Council to repower the batteries

Demonstrators gathered outside Fargo City Hall on Friday, Sept. 20, as part of the global climate strike. Kim Hyatt / The Forum

Do We Really Think So Little of the Value of Voting That We’re Willing to Let Children Do It?

Not so long ago, we had a rollicking national debate about a new health care policy – the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare as most call it. Among its most controversial provisions was a mandate that insurance companies continue coverage for the “children” of their insured up to the age of 26 years. I put

A stop sign in downtown Fargo is seen in this file photo. Forum News Service photo

Fargo Choosing to Double Traffic Fines Just Opened a Legal Can of Worms

UPDATE: Since writing this post I’ve learned that other communities, such as Grand Forks, have also taken advantage of the Legislature’s green light to raise traffic fines. I had missed those local changes, though obviously, those changes are as unconstitutional as Fargo’s per the arguments below. Over the weekend, the Fargo Forum’s editorial board applauded the

Print Column: Maybe Parents Shouldn’t Be Allowed at Sporting Events

MINOT, N.D. — What is it about sports which bring out the absolute worst in some parents? We’ve all seen the headlines, and sometimes the videos too. Parents brawling at a fourth-grade basketball game in Oklahoma. A half-dozen grown men punching each other at a game played by 7-year-olds in Ohio. A man firing a gun and chasing a

Why Are So Few North Dakotans Seeking Pardons for Marijuana Convictions?

The State of North Dakota has created a new, streamlined process through which those with minor marijuana-related convictions can apply for a pardon. A pardon removes the conviction from their records, which in turn would remove a barrier some face when it comes to, say, getting a job. Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem is one member

Minot Fire Chief Kelli Kronschnabel, left, and Minot City Manager Tom Barry, right Photos via City of Minot website

Minot’s City Manager Took the Fire Chief on a Pricey Trip to Nashville

Last month, October 20-23, the International City/County Management Association held its annual conference in Nashville, Tennessee. Minot City Manager Tom Barry attended the conference and brought along Minot Fire Chief Kelli Kronschnabel. This was interesting for a couple of reasons: Why was Kronschnabel, who is not a city or county manager, attending a conference for city and county managers,

A woman holds a sign during a 2016 protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline in Bismarck NICK SMITH / BISMARCK TRIBUNE

We Should Be Governed by the Law, Not by Politics

Politics is the means through which we choose who gets to make the law and what the law says. Politics should not govern us. All too often, it does. To illustrate this point, let me turn to what might seem like an odd example. There is a business in Grand Forks called the Northern Air