Port: Broadcaster promoting extreme right-wing views ironically gets $21 million from Biden administration


MINOT, N.D. — It may seem like a fruitless endeavor, here in post-shame America, to write about hypocrisy, but I persist because it’s still hypocrisy, and it’s still worth talking about, and I have hope that one day this sort of thing is going to matter again.

Recently Will McIntee, a senior advisor for public engagement to President Joe Biden, visited North Dakota to announce, alongside Sen. Kevin Cramer, more than $119 million in state and federal funds for broadband projects in the state. The federal funds came from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, a major Biden administration initiative. Cramer was one of 19 Senate Republicans who voted for this bill.

When Cramer voted for this legislation, he touted infrastructure as “a worthwhile investment we can’t afford to ignore.” He said, at the time the bill passed, that it “will provide over $2 billion to North Dakota for its roads, bridges, rail, broadband, carbon capture efforts, and orphaned wells cleanup projects, all while making meaningful permitting reforms and reducing bureaucratic hurdles.”

I generally agree with the senator’s assessment. No legislation of this magnitude is perfect, but compromise is getting some of what you want while giving your opponents some of what they want. On the whole, this was good legislation for our nation and our state. Cramer helped craft it. He voted for it, and he has the right to take credit for it.

But here’s where things get really, really funny.

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