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What if Universal, Government-Backed Health Care Doesn’t Actually Make Poor People Healthier?

What if Universal, Government-Backed Health Care Doesn’t Actually Make Poor People Healthier?

MINOT, N.D. — Every single Democratic candidate for president in 2020 backs expanding access to health care through some form of a government program. Per the Washington Post, some of the candidates want everyone in the Medicare program. Others want a sort of public option for health coverage. The basis of these policy positions is

Rep. Jim Grueneich, (left) a Republican currently representing District 12 (Jamestown area) in the North Dakota Legislature, is moving with his wife, Naomi, to Edgeley. He is pictured with then-Jamestown Mayor Katie Andersen and Bernie Satrom. Forum News Service file photo

Jamestown Republican’s Move to Edgeley Will Set Off Competition With Incumbent Republicans

“Ellendale is actually home to me,” he said. “That’s where I grew up. My folks still live there.” Continue reading…

The NDSU Bison flag flies over Toyota Stadium once again after the NCAA FCS championship game in Frisco, Texas, on Saturday, Jan. 11, 2020. David Samson / The Forum

Football Isn’t What Makes a University Great

MINOT, N.D. — It’s a great thing that the North Dakota State University football team has brought home yet another championship. Though not a football fan myself, I understand why so many people are excited. It’s a remarkable achievement. Less great, though, is NDSU President Dean Bresciani’s opinion that football excellence is the proper measuring

State Rep. Daniel Johnston (R-Kathryn)

Republican Candidate for Treasurer Has Collections Judgments on His Record

MINOT, N.D. — On Saturday, Jan. 4, I was the first to report that Republican state lawmaker Daniel Johnston, a Republican from Kathryn, would be launching a campaign for state Treasurer. Long-time Republican incumbent Kelly Schmidt has opted not to run for another term. So far, Johnston is the only announced candidate in the race.

North Dakota Supreme Court chambers. John Hageman / Forum News Service

We Can Still Put North Dakota’s Court Records Online, but We Need the Legislature to Weigh in First

Our current laws and rules may have been sufficient in an era where getting these records meant traveling to a courthouse, or at the very least, communicating with a clerk to get them mailed or emailed, but the internet has changed things. Not only can these records be accessed by anyone online, but nothing is

Study Finds Little Evidence That Firm-Specific Economic Development Subsidies Work, but That Doesn’t Mean They’re Unnecessary

We are stuck in a sort of arms race. Every year the pile of billions states and local communities offer for economic development subsidies gets bigger, as local leaders try to stand out from the pack, and none dare stop lest their community get left in the dust. Continue reading…

Grisly Crime Scene Photos, Home Addresses, and Maybe Even Your Social Security Number Are Now Online Thanks to the North Dakota Courts

MINOT, N.D. — For some time now the State of North Dakota has maintained an online database through which any member of the public can search for criminal and civil cases. When you searched all you got, though, was as sort of docket for each file. Useful for detecting the existence of, say, a traffic

State Rep. Dan Johnson (R-Kathryn) via Facebook

Republican Lawmaker Dan Johnston Expected to Announce Campaign for Treasurer

Rep. Daniel Johnston represents District 24 in the North Dakota House of Representatives. He lives in Kathryn (south of Valley City) and is still serving his first term in the Legislature, having first been elected during the 2016 election cycle. In 2020, he’d like North Dakota voters to give him a promotion. He’s expected to

Rep. Rick Becker, R-Bismarck, looks at the tally board on Tuesday during the 83-9 House vote on HB1169, a change to the North Dakota constitution allowing the carrying of a concealed firearm. Becker was a co-sponsor of the bill. Mike McCleary, Bismarck Tribune

Hey Bastiats, Intransigence Is Not an Ideology

Some people are just more comfortable being eternally on the fringe, forever the supposed victims of larger and more powerful factions, and will adjust their views to remain there. Continue reading…

A bowl of condoms is seen at North Dakota State University, alongside cards for Junk Mail, a federal grant-funded service that mails condoms, lube, dental dams and educational information to students for free. C.S. Hagen / The Forum

If You’re Pro-Life You Should Support NDSU’s “Junk Mail” Program

Giving students better access to things like condoms and information about sex will probably prevent more abortions than any regulation passed by lawmakers, or any conservative judge appointed by President Donald Trump. Continue reading…