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James Patrick Whalen, left, listens as Judge John Thelan reads the terms of his plea agreement Monday in District court. Whalen's attorney, Robert Hoy, is at right. photo by Eric Hylden/Grand Forks Herald

That Wasn’t Slut Shaming, and We Need to Talk About This Double Standard for Female Victims

That Wasn’t Slut Shaming, and We Need to Talk About This Double Standard for Female Victims

James Patrick Whalen, a Grand Forks teacher found guilty of carrying on a sexual relationship with a teenage student, was sentenced recently. Something his attorney said during sentencing has people outraged. “I agree … that he is the adult and she is incapable of consent by statute, and he is at fault for that,” attorney

New North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum speaks with cabinet members on his first day of office.

Will Governor Doug Burgum Sign a Bill Instituting a $10 Million Tax Hike on Phone Lines?

Not once but twice during his campaign last year Governor Doug Burgum signed pledges to oppose increases in the state’s taxes and fees. In March Burgum signed a pledge circulated by a group of NDGOP district leaders which stated that he would “oppose and veto any and all efforts to increase taxes or user fees.”

The Dickinson State University campus is seen in this undated Dickinson Press file photo

Bailout for Embattled Dickinson State University May Bog Down Efforts to End Legislative Session

Earlier today I wrote about some lawmakers in Bismarck expressing doubt that they can complete their legislative session on Tuesday. They already blew past their goal of being done on day 70 last week. Contributing to the delays in finishing up is a surprise Senate Majority Leader Rich Wardner  dropped on his colleagues on Friday.

Sen. Heidi Hietkamp, D-N.D. David Samson / The Forum

Heidi Heitkamp Leaked Her Fundraising Numbers Early Because She Didn’t Want You to See Where the Money Came From

When a politician leaks information about their campaign finances to the media ahead of actually releasing their legally required report it’s usually because they want the public to focus on one aspect of the report and not others. Once all the journalists are done reporting on the leaked figures the report itself can seem like

House Passes Bill Capping Property Taxes, Will Senate Follow Suit?

I’ve been writing recently about the political risk property taxes represent for North Dakota’s Republicans in the upcoming election. While this legislative session has seen a lot of budget headaches most North Dakotans aren’t going to feel much in pain. Thus, the political ramifications for the cuts are pretty minor I think. But property taxes

Raising Taxes on Businesses Is a Good Way to Hurt North Dakota

North Dakota is very much beholden to commodity prices. Our state is dominated by industries which produce products – be they crops or coal or oil – of variable value. Oil prices are, in particular, notoriously volatile as our lawmakers in Bismarck slashing budgets to make up for revenue shortfalls are well aware of. This

Congressman Kevin Cramer

Audio: Rep. Kevin Cramer Says It’s “Amazing How Much Democrats…Like to Pretend Their Losses Are Victories”

Republicans survived intense special election challenges from Democrats in Kansas and (so far) Georgia. The latter is subject to a runoff election after no candidates got a majority of the vote in the general election, but in both instances the left has been trying to suggest that their almost wins portend something bad for Republicans


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