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Measure 1 supporters, who refer to their initiative as an "anti-corruption" or "ethics" measure, file documents with Secretary of State Al Jaeger.

ACLU Opposes North Dakota “Ethics” Measure Saying It Would Be an Unconstitutional Restriction on Free Speech

ACLU Opposes North Dakota “Ethics” Measure Saying It Would Be an Unconstitutional Restriction on Free Speech

Last month I wrote in a print column that Measure 1 – which supporters refer to as the “ethics” or “anti-corruption” measure – is an affront to the 1st amendment. Here’s an excerpt: I would encourage you readers to go to the secretary of state website and read the text of the measure for yourself.

Voters at Holy Family Catholic Church in Grand Forks photo by Eric Hylden/Grand Forks Herald

Federal Appeals Court Allows North Dakota ID Law Heitkamp Described a “Suppression” to Be Enforced

According to a release from Secretary of State Al Jaeger’s office, today the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals issued a stay of a previous ruling in a lawsuit challenging North Dakota’s voter identification law. Previously the federal courts had ruled that North Dakota’s law, which said that only ID’s could be used to vote, couldn’t

Sen. Heidi Heitkamp. Dave Wallis / The Forum

While Heitkamp Hides From Tough Questions Her Campaign Uses Cramer’s Accessibility Against Him

Last week and over the weekend the Democrats created some negative headlines for Senate candidate Kevin Cramer by clipping audio from the open phones segments he does on talk radio shows like mine and pitching the audio to the national media. For instance, NBC News used comments Cramer made about the oil export ban on

Creating a Database of Where DUI Offenders Were Drinking Is a Terrible Idea

We already use a lot of very bad metrics when it comes to the public debate over driving drunk. For instance, everyone from reporters to law enforcement to policymakers likes to talk about drunk driving arrests, but what do arrests really tell us about actual on-the-road safety? Arrest numbers can go up and down based

An example of a Dollar General storefront. Special to The Forum

It’s Not the Government’s Job to Protect Businesses From Competition

Recently the city leaders in Velva, North Dakota – a small community to the southeast of Minot – voted down a bid from a developer to buy city land for the creation of a Dollar General store. It was the city which put the land on the market for sale in the first place, but

If Marijuana Legalization Has Been So Bad for Other States, Why Have So Many of Them Done It?

When opponents of Measure 3, which would legalize recreational marijuana in North Dakota, make their case against the proposal they often cite statistics from other parts of the country where marijuana has been legalized. The intent is to provide for us a cautionary tale about how legalizing marijuana might go in our state. A recent

Video still from the video of Tax Commissioner Ryan Rauschenberger's arrest.

Democratic Tax Commissioner Candidate Uses Video From Incumbent’s DUI Arrest in Campaign Ad

From the “what have you got to lose” department, long-shot Tax Commissioner candidate (and erstwhile chair of the North Dakota Democratic Party) Kylie Oversen has a new video ad out in which she uses video of incumbent Republican Ryan Rauschenberger’s DUI arrest to accuse him of lying. Oversen, who lost her legislative seat in the

House Majority Leader Al Carlson, R-Fargo, foreground, sits in the gallery at the North Dakota Supreme Court as state Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem, middle, and Gov. Doug Burgum confer during legal arguments presented to the five justices in the case involving the challenge by lawmakers of Burgum's issuing five vetoes on parts of spending bills passed in the 2017 legislative session. Mike McCleary / Bismarck Tribune

Will Doug Burgum’s Victory at the State Supreme Court Mean Yearly Legislative Sessions for North Dakota?

Earlier this year the state Supreme Court issued in opinion in ND Legislative Assembly vs. Governor Doug Burgum which found that both sides of that dispute had been operating beyond their constitutional restraints. The court struck down four of Burgum’s vetoes from the 2017 legislative session, but they also found that the Legislature itself had

A protestor pours gasoline on a fire blocking North Dakota Hwy. 1806 on Thursday, Oct. 27, 2016, north of Cannon Ball. Michael Vosburg / Forum Photo Editor

Legislature Re-Institutes Tribal Address After It Was Canceled During #NoDAPL Protests

Back in 2016, amid the violent protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline, North Dakota state lawmakers opted to cancel the traditional address from a representative of the state’s tribes at their regular biennial session. Each legislative session typically begins with a state of the state address from the governor, an address from the judiciary, and

Does Senator Heitkamp Condone Her Talk Radio Host Brother’s Ugly Comments About President Trump?

A major part of Senator Heidi Heitkamp’s re-election campaign has been posturing herself as an ally of President Donald Trump. From the earliest days of the marketing campaign to re-elect her, Heitkamp has touted that she’s voted with Trump more than half of the time. For a while Democrats and left wing commentators even tried