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The North Dakota state Capitol tower in Bismarck Mike McCleary / Bismarck Tribune

Guest Post: North Dakota Has a Looming Problem With Unaccountable Occupational Licensing Boards

Guest Post: North Dakota Has a Looming Problem With Unaccountable Occupational Licensing Boards

This guest post was submitted by Rod St. Aubyn, who served in the North Dakota House of Representatives from 1991 to 1994, and the state Senate from 1995 to 2000. He has also worked as a lobbyist. The Legislature is ignoring a potential problem. For many years now, the Legislature has delegated authority to unelected

State Rep. Craig Headland Bismarck Tribune photo

Let’s Use the Legacy Fund to Lower Taxes, Not Just Grow Government

As the legislative session in Bismarck nears its end, some lawmakers have brought back the idea of using Legacy Fund earnings – earnings, mind you, not the principal – to buy down and perhaps eventually replace state income taxes. The bill – HB1530, introduced by Rep. Craig Headland (R-Montpelier) and defeated earlier this session but

Guest Post: Is Driver Safety Not Even Worth a Quarter?

This guest post was submitted by Jim Keller, a high school math teacher and driver’s education instructor from Elgin, North Dakota. He is a past president of the North Dakota Driver Traffic and Safety Education Association. SB 2156 requested $1 per non- commercial vehicle license in North Dakota to support Driver’s Education in all public and

The North Dakota State University campus. Forum file photo

Would a New Governance Structure for North Dakota’s Universities Really Change Anything?

Earlier this week it appeared as though the cause of reforming the North Dakota University System’s governance structure was dead. But then the state House reconsidered a previously defeated bill which would enlarge the State Board of Higher Education, and because it’s an amendment to the state constitution the issue will be in front of

Minot Republican Rep. Jeff Hoverson shows a photo of him shaking hands with Rajan Zed, who gave a Hindu prayer to start the House's floor session Tuesday, April 2, 2019. Hoverson abstained from the prayer along with a few other lawmakers. John Hageman / Forum News Service

At Least One Republican Lawmaker Needs a Lesson in What Religious Freedom Means

Rep. Jeff Hoverson is a Republican from Minot. He’s also a pastor. I know him personally, since we live in the same community, and I’ve heard him talk at length before about the importance of religious liberty. He feels that Christians, at times, are inhibited from living their lives in accordance with their faith. He

State Rep. Luke Simons Dickinson Press photo

Shouldn’t the Cops Need a Warrant, or at Least Probable Cause, to Come on Your Land?

As it was originally written, HB1290 introduced by Rep. Luke Simons (R-Dickinson) would have prohibited law enforcement from entering any person’s private land without permission unless they have a warrant, probable cause, or if the entry is justified by an emergent situation. Here’s the language it would have added to the North Dakota Century Code:

(Photo/ North Dakota Game and Fish Department)

What if North Dakota Combined Parks Department With the Game and Fish Department?

When Governor Doug Burgum was elected, by a landslide, in 2016 he ran on a campaign of reinventing government. He has consistently argued for a reshaping of state government to make it more efficient and more responsive. That sounds easier than it really is. Bureaucracies tend to get entrenched. Add in deeply human proclivities like

A photo of a print out of SB2185. Section 2 is a controversial amendment added by the House Judiciary Committee prohibiting courts from terminating parental rights in instances of marital rape.

Audio: Legislative Committee Intended for Amendment to Make It “More Difficult” for Victims Raped by Spouse to Sever That Association

Yesterday I wrote about SB2185. The legislation, introduced by Senator JoNell Bakke (D-Grand Forks), would allow courts to terminate the parental rights of a rapist to any children their crimes may have produced. Which, to my mind, makes it something of a pro-life bill. If you’re against abortion, even in instances of rape, you should

North Dakota Indian Affairs Commissioner Scott Davis Tom Stromme /Bismarck Tribune

Auditor Says State Indian Affairs Commission “Misspent State Funds” on Gift Cards

State Auditor Josh Gallion’s office has dinged North Dakota’s Indian Affairs Commission for buying nearly $8,000 worth of gift cards which were given to students and mentors at an annual leadership conference. The audit report also says the commission hasn’t done a proper inventory, nor has it conducted a fraud risk assessment, but I suspect

Hailey Vold, a senior at Mayville State, walks to class recently past Old Main. photo by Eric Hylden/Grand Forks Herald

Something Is Terribly Wrong if the Only Thing Keeping a University Open Is the State Constitution

Today the Grand Forks Herald takes a victory lap over the defeat by the state Senate of HCR3016. That was an amendment proposed by state Rep. Rick Becker (R-Bismarck) which would have removed the names and purposes of public universities from the state constitution. Eight of North Dakota’s eleven state schools are named in the