Port: Burgum ought to just come out and say he’s going to veto any new property tax buydown


MINOT, N.D. — During his State of the State address yesterday, Gov. Doug Burgum made a forceful case for a plan to eliminate income taxes for most working North Dakotans that he’s put forward in partnership with key lawmakers.

He asked the Legislature to make the tax cuts a priority. “Let’s show our working families in North Dakota that we understand their struggles by expediting this income tax relief legislation and making it one of the first bills to be signed this session,” he said.

But there will be a competing tax plan before lawmakers, one that seeks to use Legacy Fund dollars to buy down local property taxes , and while those proposing it have their hearts in the right place, Burgum has, for excellent reasons, made it clear he’s not very interested in it.

He essentially said he’d veto it, without actually using the v-word.

“We understand and share the concerns about property taxes,” he said. “And we’re happy to sit down with anyone and discuss ways to actually reduce property taxes — not subsidize them with state spending that only encourages local spending and grows local government.”

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