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Port: Democratic-NPL executive director Tyler Hogan placed on administrative leave due to ‘HR matter’

MINOT, N.D. — According to an email sent to Democratic-NPL party leaders last night, Tyler Hogan, the party’s executive director, has been placed on administrative leave. “This email is to inform you that Tyler Hogan has been placed on administrative leave as of this afternoon. We will be working as a leadership team to resolve

Port: Abortion ban injunction is an egregious act of judicial activism and the judge ought to be recalled

Minot, N.D. — I’m probably spitting in the wind on this one, because everyone who has an opinion on District Court Judge Bruce Romanick’s decision to keep in place an injunction blocking North Dakota’s abortion ban is going to filter it through their existing abortion opinions. Pro-choice people are going to like his position, because

Port: We don’t need more angry people in Washington

MINOT, N.D. — This last week the three candidates for the U.S. Senate — incumbent Republican John Hoeven, Democrat Katrina Christiansen, and former Republican Rick Becker — performed in two debates. I moderated one, on my Plain Talk podcast, along with former Democratic-NPL executive director Chad Oban; Prairie Public hosted the other. Both events were

Port: Yes, carbon capture really is progress

MINOT, N.D. — Scott Skokos is a professional political operative working for a left-wing, dark money group called the Dakota Resource Council, which spends thousands and thousands of dollars on activism aimed at attacking North Dakota’s energy industry. Who gives money to this group? We don’t know. Per their Form 990, filed with the IRS,