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You might be surprised at how long North Dakota elected leaders are serving in office

You might be surprised at how long North Dakota elected leaders are serving in office

MINOT, N.D. — A ballot measure campaign has been launched to amend North Dakota’s constitution to implement term limits. Some of the circulators of the petition to put the amendment on the ballot are falsely portraying it as term limits for Congress, but in reality, it would apply to the state Legislature and the governor. Is it needed?

Great River Energy went from replacing coal with wind to signing up for more coal power

MINOT, N.D. —Earlier this year, Great River Energy reached an agreement with Rainbow Energy to sell Coal Creek Station, North Dakota’s largest coal-fired power plant, which, for decades, has helped power customers in Minnesota. But that agreement had to be approved by GRE’s 28 member cooperatives. That happened today. Approval required a supermajority, and that threshold was met.

The PRO Act aims to enrich unions by exploiting workers

MINOT, N.D. — There is nothing wrong with labor organizations or the concept of collective bargaining. Labor unions can serve an important function amplifying the voices of workers, generally, and providing important benefits such as counsel and other protections to individual workers. There is something deeply wrong with forcing Americans to be members of unions

Bastiat Caucus launches recall petition for lawmaker who voted to expel sexual harasser from Legislature

MINOT, N.D. — Rep. Dwight Kiefert of Valley City has represented District 24 in the North Dakota House of Representatives since 2013. Earlier this year he was one of several lawmakers around the state censured over this support for the expulsion of former lawmaker Luke Simons of Dickinson after I revealed a years-long pattern of harassment of

Do Native American voices only matter when they line up with goals of left-wing activists?

MINOT, N.D. — If you went only by the headlines, one could reach the conclusion that our Native American neighbors are united in opposition to pipelines, specifically, and oil and gas development, generally. Take, for example, a recent article by Rebecca Mitchell about a recent demonstration in Wadena, Minn., against the Line 3 pipeline replacement project. Paragraphs are devoted