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Hukun Abdullahi, executive director of the Afro American Students Association speaks during a meeting where the Somali Council of Elders was introduced to local Moorhead leaders and the Somali community on Saturday, Oct. 24, 2015. Rick Abbott / The Forum

Head of Fargo-Moorhead Refugee Group Owes the Community an Apology

Head of Fargo-Moorhead Refugee Group Owes the Community an Apology

In my Sunday print column I wrote that an ugly incident in the parking lot of a Fargo Walmart between a white woman and three Somali women has “served as a sort of bat signal for political opportunists eager to swoop in and use this anecdote as leverage.” Consider these comments, as quoted by my

The Battle of Nashville" by Howard Pyle

The Censors Are Coming for HBO’s New Alternate History Show About the Civil War

A new HBO series from two of the producers of The Game of Thrones has sparked an online campaign to block it. The show is called Confederate, and it imagines an alternate timeline for the United States from the Civil War in which the South won and slavery is still very much alive. This sort

Rep. Kevin Cramer Says of Ban on Trans Personnel in the Military: “I’m Not Interested in Social Experimenting”

I had Congressman Kevin Cramer on my radio show yesterday for our weekly open phones segment, and I asked him about President Donald Trump’s ban on transgender personnel in the military. “All in all I’m not very interested in it,” he said adding that he’s more interested in the military being equipped and prepared to

U.S. President Donald Trump arrives for a working session at the G-20 summit in Hamburg, Germany, July 8, 2017. REUTERS/Markus Schreiber, Pool

Trump’s “Buy American” Idea Is Decidedly Un-American

The oil industry, which overall has benefited from President Donald Trump’s leadership in the White House, is not happy with his plan to mandate the use of U.S. steel in their projects. They have a point: Donald Trump’s allies in the oil industry are warning the president that his bid to boost U.S. steelmakers could

North Dakota Senator Heidi Heitkamp

Over 94 Percent of Heidi Heitkamp’s Second Quarter Fundraising Came From Outside North Dakota

Senator Heidi Heitkamp took in another windfall in campaign cash in the second quarter of 2017. Her campaign took in over $1.2 million in campaign contributions, and ended the quarter with over $3 million in cash on hand. That according to the latest report from the FEC. So far in the 2018 election cycle Heitkamp’s

North Dakota Representative Kevin Cramer Rick Abbott / The Forum

Audio: Kevin Cramer Says Current Net Neutrality Rules Give the Government a “Monopoly” Over the Internet

I had Congressman Kevin Cramer on my radio show today for our weekly open phones segment, and the talk focused on the net neutrality issue. Today was an internet “day of action” – backed largely by left-wing groups, many with ties to progressive money man George Soros – protesting proposed changes to the rules by

Great River Energy's Coal Creek Station on Wednesday, August 19, 2015, in Underwood, N.D. (Logan Werlinger/Grand Forks Herald)

Shortages Are What Happens When the Government Tries to Dictate Outcomes in the Marketplace

The politicians always think they know best. Energy policy is no departure from this simple truth. The politicians use all manner of policy – from tariffs to regulatory red tape to subsidies and mandates – to dictate where we get our power. In Australia, much like here in America, public policy aimed at pushing that

Mark Kennedy addresses people after being selected as the next President of the University of North Dakota Tuesday at the Gorecki alumni center. Jesse Trelstad/ Grand Forks Herald

UND President Mark Kennedy Gets It: Improved Completion Rates Need to Be the Priority in Higher Education

UND President Mark Kennedy has a column in the Grand Forks Herald today which illustrates why he is the sort of leader the North Dakota University System has been in desperate need of. Kennedy writes about the ways in which universities like UND need to adapt to serve students of the future. The entire piece is

Fire erupts after trains, one of them transporting crude oil, collided west of Casselton, N.D., on Monday, Dec. 30, 2013. Photo Courtesy of William Hejl

It Would Be a Mistake to End North Dakota’s Rail Inspection Program

A few years ago a series of train derailments – some of them explosive – involving oil shipments were making national headlines. They were hyped by the enemies of oil development who are always looking for an excuse to “keep it in the ground,” but the incidents were a valid public safety concern too. Just

Geologist Kathy Neset, right, educates a group of teachers about the Bakken on June 11, 2013, near New Town.

NDGOP Recruiting SBHE President Kathy Neset for Possible Senate Run

Despite a great deal of disingenuous posturing, there’s no question that U.S. Senator Heidi Heitkamp is running for a second term in office. She’s raised a mountain of money already in the first quarter of 2017. You don’t do that if you’re genuinely planning to retire. So she’s running. Who will Republicans run against her?


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