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Rep. Kevin Cramer answers questions from the Grand Forks Herald editorial board. (Joshua Komer/Grand Forks Herald)

Audio: Congressman Kevin Cramer Says He’s Open to Leaving Marijuana Legalization up to the States

Audio: Congressman Kevin Cramer Says He’s Open to Leaving Marijuana Legalization up to the States

North Dakotans are taking steps toward legalizing marijuana. Last year voters overwhelmingly approved a ballot measure legalizing medical marijuana. After some tweaking by lawmakers earlier this year, state officials are in the process of implementing it. Now another ballot measure submitted to the Secretary of State this week would remove the criminalization of marijuana from

Geraldine Christensen, left, and BJ Gorder, right, sign petitions to keep the Sioux nickname for the University of North Dakota athletics with Eunice Davidson, of Devils Lake, N.D., and a volunteer from Spirit Lake Tribe on Thursday, Feb. 2, 2012, in West Acres Mall in Fargo, N.D. Michael Vosburg / Forum Photo Editor

Proposals for Legislature’s Initiated Measure Committee Include Banning Out of State Money, Giving Lawmakers/Governor Veto Power

During their 2017 session earlier this year lawmakers convened an interim committee to review North Dakota’s initiated measure process. Tomorrow the committee will be meeting and considering on their agenda is consideration of possible recommendations they might make to the full Legislature for reform. A friendly source shared with me the proposals ahead of time,

Simply Made Apps is a fast-growing app developer with offices in downtown Fargo. Bill Burgess, left, and Brandon Medenwald, right, founded the company. Also pictured is Stephen Ruda, who develops apps for Android devices. Dave Olson / The Forum

Organizer Behind Blue Laws Ballot Measure Not Ruling Out a Run for Seat in Battleground Legislative District

During the legislative session earlier this year our lawmakers narrowly rejected a bill reforming the state’s so-called “blue laws.” The “blue laws,” for those of you not in the know, are those archaic laws prohibiting some businesses from opening before noon on Sundays. In response to the legislature’s failure to act, Fargo businessman Brandon Medenwald

FILE PHOTO: Chancellor Mark Hagerott of the North Dakota University System. (Eric Hylden/Grand Forks Herald)

The University System Has Been Underhanded in Their Handling of Chancellor Problems

Earlier this year I broke a story about a 2016 staff survey which accused North Dakota University System Chancellor Mark Hagerott of using inappropriate language as well as engaging in gender bias and inappropriate behavior. The response from the university system was to order a new survey, the results of which my colleague Andrew Haffner

Pauline Wahl of Maple Grove, Minn., left, attends a Friday, Nov. 17, 2017, rally in the Minnesota Capitol about sexual assault prevention. Don Davis / Forum News Service

What if Sexual Harassment Wasn’t Just About Gender?

My Sunday print column was about the #MeToo movement. I argue that, while it’s a positive thing that victims are now speaking out, we must be careful to ensure that innocent people are protected from false accusations. I got a lot of criticism, which didn’t surprise me, and a lot of it made broad generalizations

Shoppers at West Acres Mall in Fargo. Dave Wallis / The Forum

“Buy Local” Campaigns Are About Resisting Unresistable Changes to Commerce

We’re entering the holiday shopping season, and as we do we’re going to hear a lot about shopping local. Last week I wrote a print column decrying the “buy local” slogan. “The best sort of economy we can have is one guided by decisions made by people free to pursue the choices they feel are

UND officers take their places on stage at the University of North Dakota summer commencement, held at Chester Fritz Auditorium in Grand Forks, N.D. on August 5, 2016. (Meg Oliphant/Grand Forks Herald)

UND Graduate School Tells Students to Oppose Republican Tax Reform

An email sent out last week by the University of North Dakota’s School of Graduate Studies urges students to oppose the Republican-backed tax reform which is set to be voted on by the House of Representatives today. The email contains statements opposing the reform from the Council of Graduate Schools, and encourages students to contact

Doug Burgum addresses the crowd after winning the office of governor Tuesday night, Nov. 8, 2016, at the Sanctuary Events Center in Fargo. Brent Sanford, at right in the photo, is the new Lt. Governor Dave Wallis / The Forum

Blogger Swipes Domain Governor Burgum Tweeted

Governor Doug Burgum, because of his background in the tech industry, is seen as probably the most internet-savvy political leader in North Dakota. But he pulled a bit of a boner on Twitter recently. He sent out this tweet touting the Main Street Initiative, an ill-defined platform of policies he campaigned on back in 2016

Work on the the 2018 farm bill has begun. So has public debate on what the legislation should contain, and long-standing differences are surfacing again. Thinkstock / Special to the Forum

Are North Dakota Farmers Double Dipping on Federal Subsidies?

According to a new report from the Environmental Working Group – a somewhat infamous organization in agriculture industry circles thanks to their online database of farm subsidy recipients – there are lot of producers double-dipping on federal subsidies. North Dakota is one of the states where it’s happening the most. I had Don Carr, a


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