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Port: North Dakota’s open records laws, election conspiracies, and the tyranny of the confidently incorrect

Port: North Dakota’s open records laws, election conspiracies, and the tyranny of the confidently incorrect

MINOT, N.D. — A week ago I wrote about the legions of dopes and dupes who are flooding North Dakota election officials, at the state and local level, with open records requests for election data. Now comes reporter Michael Standaert with a deeper dive into the sorry situation . These dim bulbs have been led down the primrose path

Here’s 12 minutes of Senate candidate Rick Becker whining about how Republicans don’t like him any more

MINOT, N.D. — One of my favorite genres of social media umbrage is “I’m not bothered by this thing I’m ranting about” rant. You know what I’m talking about. It’s a person who is going on and on about some topic while simultaneously insisting that they aren’t upset about it. Independent U.S. Senate candidate Rick

ND election officials being flooded with ‘canned’ records requests from election conspiracy activists

MINOT, N.D. — Earlier this week The Washington Post reported on an “unprecedented wave of public records requests” filed by election conspiracy activists supporting disgraced former President Donald Trump. These requests are impacting nearly two dozen states, and “may be intended to hinder” the work of election officials. Is North Dakota among the states targeted? Secretary of

The term limits measure, the result of ‘likely fraud’, should not be on North Dakota’s ballot

Minot, N.D. — When North Dakota’s officials found widespread fraud in the signature collection process for a term limits ballot measure, the deep-pocketed political interests behind that campaign did about what you’d expect. They lawyered up. They hired a firm that represented former President Donald Trump in his quixotic pursuit of 2020 election conspiracy theories , and

State Supreme Court puts term limits back on the ballot, but it’s still not clear we need it

Minot, N.D. — In a unanimous decision, North Dakota’s Supreme Court overruled Secretary of State Al Jaeger, finding that he misapplied law when he refused to approve a measure implementing term limits for the November ballot. The court didn’t address problems with the measure related to signature and address errors, or violations of the pay-per-signature

Inside the pressure campaign to get the Democratic-NPL candidate out of Cara Mund’s way

Minot, N.D. — Yesterday, in an announcement sent to members of the news media , U.S. House candidate Mark Haugen, who had stepped up to accept his party’s endorsement at their state convention this spring, said he was stepping down from the race to clear the way for independent candidate, and former Miss America, Cara Mund. “Over