Port: Revenues from raffle tickets sold to support Republicans went to an independent PAC, not the party


MINOT, N.D. — If someone asked you to buy a raffle ticket, saying that the proceeds would go to support Republican candidates, you would assume that the revenues would go to some committee or bank account controlled by the Republican party.

But last year, a raffle, the tickets for which claimed the proceeds would support Republicans in the Minot area, was actually sponsored by an independent political action committee that is completely separate from the North Dakota Republican Party and its Minot-area district committees.

Tickets sold for the 2022 raffle indicated that the tickets were for the “Minot Area Republicans 20-gun Raffle,” but in the small print, the ticket indicates that raffle was “organized by the Dakota Patriot PAC.”

I was able to obtain a raffle ticket from a Minot-area reader concerned about how the money was spent. It was provided on condition of anonymity, and I obscured the ticket number to protect my source’s identity.

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