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Fargo Is Drunk Because People in Fargo Like to Be Drunk

Fargo Is Drunk Because People in Fargo Like to Be Drunk

One of the big reasons I tend toward the conservative/libertarian end of the political spectrum is that so much of the liberal/progressive left’s instinct for public policy seems like hubris to me. A crass overestimation of the government’s ability to impose its will on the masses (and that’s setting aside the moral questions about how

Leave It to the Government to Lose Money Selling Booze

The booze industry is pretty resilient. At one point our nation literally had a constitutional amendment outlawing the sale of alcohol, but because demand for alcohol is relatively inelastic the result was a booming black market for criminal enterprises. In that context, consider that somehow government-run liquor stores in Minnesota have been losing money. John


Tony Gehrig: Not Government's Job To Pass Judgment On Alcohol Sales In Fargo Theaters

There is a proposed ordinance in Fargo that would allow theaters to apply to sell alcohol. People on both sides of the debate have legitimate concerns; however some of the debate has, in my opinion, drifted. I serve on the Liquor Control Board which makes recommendations to the Fargo Commission regarding liquor licenses and laws.

Error In Legislation Means Earlier Sunday Booze Sales Might Not Be Legal

One of the more hotly contested bills during the 2015 legislative session earlier this year was the so-called “brunch bill.” That bill changes the law to allow bars and restaurants to begin serving alcohol on Sundays an hour earlier, at 11:00am instead of noon. Or did it? Here’s the relatively simple change to the law

ND Senate Says No To Earlier Sunday Booze Sales

HB1434, introduced by Rep. Marie Strinden (D-Grand Forks) would have allowed for restaurants to begin serving alcohol one hour earlier on Sundays. It’s called the “brunch” bill, since Sunday morning mimosas are a fad right now. North Dakota has the latest start-time for alcohol sales on Sundays in the region, starting at noon. Minnesota starts

House Passes Bill Allowing Earlier Alcohol Sales On Sundays

HB1434 – the so-called “brunch bill” introduced by Rep. Marie Strinden (D-Grand Forks) – passed the state House narrowly today, but without much debate. The final vote was 49-42, but Rep. Ben Hanson who carried the bill out of the Industry, Business, and Labor Committee (where it got a 10-4 “do pass” recommendation) was the

Mother Of North Dakota Overdose Victim Wants Immunity Law For Those Calling Authorities

Debbie Bjerk’s eighteen-year-old son overdosed at a house party in Grand Forks after eating a brownie laced with hallucinogenic drugs. The person responsible for concocting the drug-laced brownie has been convicted and sentenced, but Bjerk tells the media that she wants a law giving immunity to people who report overdoses. “Nobody wanted to call police

To Lower Crime At Colleges, Eliminate Underage Drinking Laws

I’ve long been an advocate for getting rid of age restrictions on alcohol consumption. By postponing the ability of younger Americans to use alcohol until age 21 – a ridiculous age given that you can vote, buy guns and be trained to kill by the US military by age 18 – we’re simply protracting the