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State Rep. Corey Mock speaks during a floor session of the North Dakota House of Representatives in 2015.

Audio: Legislative Leader Talks Transparency, Says Dems Shouldn’t Change Even After Election Losses

On my radio show yesterday I had on state Rep. Corey Mock who, earlier this month, was elected as Minorityh Leader for his party’s caucus in the Legislature. I had him on to talk about transparency legislation. Mock has made transparency and ethics a priority during his legislative career and while I think some of his

Fargo City Commissioner Dave Piepkorn during a Commission meeting Monday, Oct. 10, 2016. Dave Wallis / The Forum

Audio: Fargo Leader Wants Companies Targeted by #NoDAPL Activists to Come to North Dakota

One of the tactics of far-left environmental activists has been to target the financing of the fossil fuel industries and their related infrastructure like pipelines. That’s why #NoDAPL protesters have been targeting Wells Fargo bank branches, because the bank is involved in financing the Dakota Access Pipeline, and it is pressure from these activists which


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