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Scott Davis, executive director of the North Dakota Indian Affairs Commission, working in his office. Special to The Forum

Plain Talk: Oil and Gas Moratorium Would Set ND Tribe Back “30 Years” Commissioner Says

Plain Talk: Oil and Gas Moratorium Would Set ND Tribe Back “30 Years” Commissioner Says

President Joe Biden’s brand new administration has already taken swift action, by way of executive orders, on all manner of policy fronts. One notable area is energy, where Biden has already withdrawn an already-issued permit for the Keystone XL pipeline. Now he’s expected to sign a new order halting new oil and gas development on federal lands. What could

An oil well pumps at sunrset in western North Dakota's Bakken Formation. Forum News Service file photo

Plain Talk: Lawmaker Wants to Use the Legacy Fund to Address North Dakota’s Legacy Problems

North Dakota’s Legacy Fund, since it was created by the Legislature and approved by voters in 2010, has turned a slice of the state’s oil tax revenues into a nearly $8 billion pot of money. That balance is invested in stocks and bonds across the nation, and the world, including in some ways that, as

Mark Western: If I Were Mike Pence

This guest post was submitted by Fargo attorney Mark Western We are at the sunset of the Trump/Pence presidential term.  Barring something unforeseen, Donald Trump will remain president until noon on January 20. Prior to getting booted from Twitter, the President made clear his intention not to attend the Inauguration ceremonies, as a final, shattered Presidential norm. 

Former state lawmaker and Grafton businessman Tom Campbell booked tickets to President Donald Trump's Save America Rally in D.C. ,protesting election results on a whim. He left to catch a flight about three hours before the protest escalated into rioting. Photo by Tom Campbell

Sen. Kevin Cramer Says Donald Trump Is Still the Best President of His Life, but No Longer an Effective Leader

“Trump is the best President of my lifetime,” Sen. Kevin Cramer told me on this episode of Plain Talk. It’s a statement he’s made publicly many times, even after the ugly events in Washington, D.C., on Jan. 6. But Cramer is also critical of President Donald Trump. He has accused Trump of inciting the crowd before the riot.

Courtesy of Minot State University

LIVE: Watch the Panel Discussion ‘Statues of Dead White Men: Do They Matter?’ at 7 P.m. Tonight

MINOT — Watch a livestream of tonight’s Minot State University panel discussion “Statues of Dead White Men: Do They Matter?” right here at 7 p.m. Forum News Service columnist Rob Port is among the panelists. MSU History Professor Bethany Andreasen and State Historical Society of North Dakota Director Bill Peterson will also take part. You

Rep. Kevin Cramer, R-N.D. Rick Abbott / The Forum

Plain Talk: “I Don’t Think It Helps Him,” Says Sen. Cramer of Trump’s Complaints About Election

As the votes continue to be counted, President Donald Trump, with no real evidence, is making accusations of a fraudulent election. How does North Dakota Sen. Kevin Cramer, a staunch Trump supporter, feel about it? “I don’t think it helps him,” Cramer said on this episode of Plain Talk. “Do I condone everything President Trump

Ed Schafer Submitted photo

Plain Talk: Former Gov. Ed Schafer Opposes Measure 2, but Says Initiated Measure Process Needs Reform

Former North Dakota Gov. Ed Schafer does not support Measure 2. He does not believe the Legislature should get a chance to overturn a ballot-box vote to enact a constitutional amendment. Measure 2 would amend the state constitution to make it so that constitutional measures approved at the ballot box would also have to be

Ed Schafer: Vote No on Measure 2

When I was growing up, our family conversations around the dinner table often ended with, “You always have to trust the people.”  This is one of the beliefs that led me to the Governor’s office and my desire to serve the people of North Dakota. I cut my political teeth on the 1989 tax referrals

Dr. Shelley Lenz is the Dem-NPL candidate for governor of North Dakota. David Samson / The Forum

‘Trump Has Brought the Rural Voice Back Into Play’ Says Democratic-NPL Gubernatorial Candidate Shelley Lenz

Trump has brought the rural voice back into play,” Shelley Lenz told me on this episode of Plain Talk. Lenz is the Democratic-NPL candidate for governor, challenging Republican incumbent Doug Burgum, and while she clearly doesn’t like Trump overall, she is critical of her own party for not paying enough attention to the priorities of

Superintendent of Schools Kirsten Baesler and Underwood Superintendent of Schools Brandt Dick.

Plain Talk: Brandt Dick, Challenger for Superintendent, Says North Dakota ‘Going the Wrong Way’ on Test Scores

This episode of Plain Talk was intended to be a conversation with North Dakota’s candidates for superintendent. Sadly, the incumbent, Kirsten Baesler, opted not to participate, claiming she didn’t have enough time to make it work, though she did offer me a one-on-one interview later in the week. Go figure. The challenger, Brandt Dick, did