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Plain Talk: State Senator Explains Why She Brought Back Decriminalization of Marijuana

Plain Talk: State Senator Explains Why She Brought Back Decriminalization of Marijuana

State Senator Kristin Roers (R-Fargo) is a cousin to state Rep. Shannon Roers Jones (R-Fargo). The latter Roers introduced legislation to decriminalize marijuana earlier this session only to see it defeated. That prompted the former Roers to resurrect it by way of floor amendment in the Senate. To give the legislation its “day in court”

North Dakota Insurance Commissioner Jon Godfread stands in the state Capitol press room Thursday, March 28, 2019. John Hageman / Forum News Service

Plain Talk: ND Insurance Commissioner Seeks to Address Chaos Obamacare Has Caused in the Individual Marketplace

Absent reform at the federal level, there are only so many things states like North Dakota can do under the strictures of Obamacare to address real problems with access and affordability in the individual insurance market, but North Dakota Insurance Commissioner Jon Godfread is intent on doing what can be done. His office is touting

Plain Talk: If We’re Concerned About Road Safety in North Dakota Why Are We Letting Driver’s Education Programs Go Extinct?

On this episode of Plain Talk Jim Keller, a high school math teacher and driver’s education instructor from Elgin, talks about the demise of driver’s education programs in our schools. He says there’s just a half dozen or so school-based driver’s education programs left in the state thanks to budget cuts. A bill to add

Print Column: There Should Be Consequences for Refusing to Vaccinate

MINOT, N.D. – Over the last week I’ve published a print column and a podcast about the vaccination issue, noting the resurgence of communicable diseases like measles and the rise in the number of North Dakota parents opting their children out of vaccines. The response to these pieces was ugly. My inbox and social media feeds filled up with

Rep. Kelly Armstrong (R-N.D.) listens to Michael Cohen testify before the House Oversight and Reform Committee, on Capitol Hill in Washington, Feb. 27, 2019. (T.J. Kirkpatrick/Copyright 2019 The New York Times)

Plain Talk: Rep. Armstrong Says Demands for Full Mueller Report Are a “Political Stunt”

“Sometimes we hurt our friends more when we do these sort of things,” Rep. Kelly Armstrong said on this episode of Plain Talk. He was responding to a listener question about President Donald Trump’s proposal to shut down the border with Mexico. Armstrong says he opposes the move. “We need our trading partners in Canada

President Donald Trump looks on as Senator Kevin Cramer delivers a speech at a Fargo campaign rally during the 2018 election cycle Forum News Service photo

Plain Talk: Sen. Cramer Says Even if Trump Were Being Crucified Democrats Would Want Rusty Nails

On this episode of Plain Talk, Senator Kevin Cramer answers listener questions including one on the Mueller report. He says Democrats will never be satisfied no matter how much of the report is released. “If we were to hang Donald Trump on a cross they’d be complaining the nails aren’t rusty enough,” he said. One

Rep. Jeff Hoverson (R-Minot) Forum News Service photo

Plain Talk: Republican Lawmaker Beclowns Himself by Objecting to Hindu Prayer, State Epidemiologist Talks Vaccinations

State Rep. Jeff Hoverson (R-Minot), who has styled himself as a champion of religious liberty, embarrassed himself by objecting to a prayer delivered by a Hindu spiritual leader at the 2019 legislative session. Also Jennifer Galbraith, an epidemiologist from the North Dakota Department of Health, talks about the rising number of parents who are opting

Plain Talk: More Than You Ever Really Wanted to Know About Pore Space

On a previous episode of Plain Talk, state Senator Jessica Unruh made the case for her bill (which has now passed the House and Senate and is currently in conference committee) address the issue of pore space and other issues important to the oil and coal industry in the state. On this episode Troy Coons,