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Live at 10:35: Congressman Armstrong talks Coal Creek Station and infrastructure

Live at 10:35: Congressman Armstrong talks Coal Creek Station and infrastructure

There is broad bipartisan agreement that America needs to invest in infrastructure. The problem is, there isn’t a lot of agreement on what infrastructure is. In Congress, Democrats are pushing an infrastructure bill that includes a raft of progressive policy priorities that have little to do with roads or bridges, or power grids. Congressman Kelly

Join the Live Discussion: Will Governor Doug Burgum Be Recalled?

A group of hardcore supporters of Donald Trump have gotten approval to begin circulating a petition to recall North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum and his running mate Lt. Governor Brent Sanford. Will they be successful? Chad Oban, former executive director of the North Dakota Democratic-NPL, joins this episode of Plain Talk Live to discuss it. Also, a federal

Live at 2pm: Former Gov. Ed Schafer Weighs in on State Investments Drama and Emergency Commission Appropriations

Earlier this year North Dakota’s lawmakers passed a bill requiring full legislative approval of any interim appropriation of federal money that exceeds $50 million in a biennium. Now lawmakers don’t want to follow their own law. Former North Dakota Governor Ed Schafer weighs in on that situation on this episode of Plain Talk Live. Also, there’s

LIVE at 11 A.M.: What’s Going on With the Line 3 Protests?

With the vigorous demonstrations against the Line 3 pipeline replacement project, the upper Midwest is getting another front-and-center look at the often vicious politics of energy infrastructure. Left-wing activists train to be arrested, the plot conflict with law enforcement, all to produce media coverage that is sympathetic to their cause. Meanwhile, every single one of us, including

LIVE at 2 P.M.: Lawmakers Say OK to a Ban on LGBT Conversion? Watch the Discussion and Chat Live With Rob Port

The Administrative Rules Committee approved a ban on LGBT conversion therapy asked for by the North Dakota Board of Social Work Examiners, which oversees licensing for social workers. Some Republican lawmakers resisted the change. Was it the right move? I’ll talk about it with former Democratic-NPL executive director Chad Oban on this episode of Plain Talk.