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Did Obamacare’s Expansion of Medicaid Contribute to the Opioid Crisis in North Dakota and Elsewhere?

Did Obamacare’s Expansion of Medicaid Contribute to the Opioid Crisis in North Dakota and Elsewhere?

Back during their 2013 session North Dakota lawmakers voted to expand the state’s Medicaid program in accordance with Obamacare despite a Supreme Court ruling declaring any federal retribution for failing to pass that expansion to be unconstitutional. Former Governor Jack Dalrymple, though vocally opposed to Obamacare, was the fourth Republican governor to support the expansion.

Burgum Nails Answer to Medicaid Question

“This isn’t a little deal this is a big deal.” That’s what House Majority Leader Al Carlson said during a 2013 floor debate over the disastrous Obamacare law’s expansion of the state Medicaid program (video here). “This is a door from which you walk that you’re never returning. As long as I’ve been here…we’ve been

Dalrymple On 182% Increase In Medicaid Expansion Cost: "It Was The Right Thing To Do"

Yesterday I emailed Governor Jack Dalrymple’s spokesman Jeff Zent to ask for a comment on the news that the projected cost of the Obamacare Medicaid expansion here in North Dakota had gone up 182 percent. Zent called me this afternoon to say that Dalrymple was too busy to answer my questions about the increased costs,

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Governor Jack Dalrymple's "No Cost" Obamacare Medicaid Expansion To Cost 182 Percent More Than Expected

Back during the 2013 legislative session North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple was defending his push to implement the Obamacare expansion of the Medicaid program. The law as passed by Congress made the expansion mandatory, but the Supreme Court struck down the provision in the law punishing states for not expanding the program essentially making it

How Many Previously Uninsured North Dakotans Got Coverage Through Obamacare? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Obamacare is much in the news again these days what with the Supreme Court set to rule on the King vs. Burwell case later this summer. That ruling should determine whether or not the federal government can subsidize insurance purchases through the federal exchanges. Plaintiffs in the case argue that a plain reading of the law

Rod St. Aubyn: Obamacare Is Turning Up The Heat On Americans

As I was reviewing recently introduced legislation, I was reminded of conversations that I previously had with two deceased State Senators with whom I had the pleasure of serving. Sen. Jens Tennefos often wore a lapel pin with a frog character. I asked him why he was wearing the “frog pin”. He stated that if

How Much Will Noridian's Maryland Obamacare Adventure Cost North Dakotans?

Maryland’s state’s health insurance exchange isn’t working and that may have fallout for North Dakota insurance customers. The state’s exchange went crashed shortly after the Oct. 1 launch date and hasn’t worked consistently since. Earlier this week a state board overseeing Maryland’s exchange voted to move away from their existing system and instead partner with a company

North Dakota Gets Just 10% Of Expected Obamacare, Medicaid Enrollments

The Obama administration estimated that nearly 70,000 in North Dakota were uninsured before the Affordable Care Act passing, and state officials estimated the Medicaid expansion alone would attract 30,000 new sign-ups. The new Obamacare regulations impacted 35,585 North Dakotans in the individual insurance marketplace, with many of them being pushed off their existing policies. Yet, despite all that, as of today just 4,057 North

Obamacare's Cost In North Dakota: Over 35,000 Lost Insurance, Less Than 3,000 Got Insurance

Despite the Obamacare insurance mandate which punishes the uninsured with a tax penalty in 2014, despite a high-profile political marketing campaign from the Obama administration (including hundreds of thousands of dollars of grants made to groups right here in North Dakota) the total number of people in the state who have enrolled in insurance because