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Supreme Court Extends Their Blaine Amendment Ruling to Case Involving School Vouchers

Supreme Court Extends Their Blaine Amendment Ruling to Case Involving School Vouchers

Earlier this week I wrote about a U.S. Supreme Court ruling on Blaine Amendment laws which prohibit the flow of public dollars to organizations with a religious affiliation. Think private schools affiliated with, say, a church. I noted that there might be implications in the law for school choice proposals. Here in North Dakota our

Supreme Court Ruling Could Have Big Implications for School Choice Policy in North Dakota

For years now proponents of school choice here in North Dakota have proposed policies which would direct, through one mechanism or another, public dollars to private schools. Essentially different iterations of school choice policy, where public dollars follow students to whatever schools their parents choose be they public or private. The roadblock to implementing this

Congressman Kevin Cramer Posts His Kid's "Common Core" Math Homework Again

A few days ago North Dakota Congressman Kevin Cramer posted his son Abel’s “Common Core” math homework on Twitter, criticizing the method being used to teach subtraction. Now he’s back again, this time on Facebook. Post by Congressman Kevin Cramer. Here’s the thing about the Common Core debate, or any debate over teaching methods in

On Television: School Choice, NDUS Hypocrisy And Guns In Schools

Here’s the video from my weekly segment with Chris Berg on Valley News Live from last night. It’s split into two segments as Rep. Mark Dosch (R-Bismarck) was supposed to be on to discuss school choice in the first segment but due to technical difficulties didn’t make it until the second. So I ended up

Fargo School District To Spend Taxpayer Dollars Fighting School Choice, Protecting Common Core

Over at Watchdog I have an article up today about the Fargo Public School District (yes, the people who threatened to lower education quality after voters shot down property tax levy measure) vowing to lobby against school choice legislation and to protect Common Core. I’ve written pretty extensively about how ugly the Common Core issue

Indiana Supreme Court Rules School Vouchers Don't Violate Blaine Amendment

Recently here in North Dakota we had a debate over school choice policies and how they relate to archaic, bigoted language in the state Constitution banning state funding for “sectarian schools.” Unfortunately, the state legislature rejected both the school choice legislation introduced by Rep. Mark Dosch and a constitutional amendment introduced by Rep. Bette Grande

SAB On Television: School Choice And Higher Ed

Chris Berg was kind enough to invite me on to his 6:30 POV program again last night opposite John Strand of the High Plains Reader. It was a fun discussion covering higher education issues and school choice bills. Valley News Live – KVLY/KXJB – Fargo/Grand Forks Strand said my complaints about the anti-Catholic religious bigotry

ND Dems Uphold Anti-Catholic Constitutional Language To Protect Against School Choice

I’ve written before about North Dakota’s “Blaine amendment” language in the state constitution. The language prohibits the use of tax dollars raised for the purposes of public education being used for “sectarian” or religions schools. It was born of the anti-Catholic bigotry of the 19th century, the era of the “Know Nothing Party,” and unfortunately