While most North Dakotans were finally enjoying some summer weather and precious time with family and friends, the Red River Abortion Facility held a fundraiser in downtown Fargo.

A fundraiser for abortion? Really? Who on earth would support a fundraiser for a business that kills children and hurts women?

Apparently some local businesses did. After the horrid revelations of the Gosnell trial in Philadelphia, it is stunning to see the list of local North Dakota businesses (list below) actually donating monies to support an industry that defies life itself.

I would suggest that all of us take a long look at the list below and memorize it so that we make sure we do not support any of these businesses who support aborting precious unborn children with no restrictions.

There are a few interesting abortion partners on this list including liquor store “Happy Harry’s”. Not surprising that the owner of this successful business supports abortion as he has stated so before, but to come out and publicly raise money to kill unborn babies seems to me an unwise business decision.

I suggest consumers get their Miller Light or Merlot somewhere else this summer and make Happy Harry a bit unhappy for a while. It is time to make our pro-life convictions real, not just philosophical.

The Aquarium
Atomic Coffee
Ecce Art Gallery
FM Opera
Orange Records Fargo
Side Street Pub
Lucky 13’s Pub
Zandborz Variety
Red Raven Ep
Hot Dog Pet Salon
One World Boutique
Spicy Pie
Theatre B
Happy Harry’s
Fargo Blues Festival
Fargo Theatre
This Skate and Snow
Pinch and Pour
Everette’s Barbershop
Hotel Donaldson
Therapeutic Massage by Toby
No Coast Tattoo

Update: Here’s a list of the businesses donating items to a fundraiser for the abortion clinic posted on Facebook.