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Senator Kevin Cramer (R-ND) TOM STROMME/Bismarck Tribune

Senator Kevin Cramer Signs Letter to Facebook Over Censorship of Pro-Life Content

Senator Kevin Cramer Signs Letter to Facebook Over Censorship of Pro-Life Content

North Dakota Senator Kevin Cramer – along with Senators Ted Cruz (Texas), Josh Hawley (Missouri), and Mike Braun (Indiana) – has sent a letter to Facebook asking them to remove any restrictions placed on content produced by a pro-life group which was “fact-checked” by people with ties to the pro-choice side of the abortion debate.

Dustin wears the vintage Science Museum hoodie. (Photo courtesy of Netflix via the Science Museum of Minnesota)

A Reminder That Social Media Activism Isn’t Real Life

Social media has come to dominate current. Or, at the very least, the way we perceive current events. It’s not just the mobs and factions which form on social media, both organized and spontaneous, it’s how much time journalists spend writing and talking about what’s happening on social media. We may be living in the

The Planned Parenthood clinic in Moorhead, MN. File photo

Planned Parenthood’s Withdrawal From Title X Programs Is a Win for Both Sides of the Abortion Debate

Today Planned Parenthood, the ostensible health care organization which seems more like a branch of the Democratic party these days, announced they would no longer be participating in the federal government’s Title X family planning programming. It’s good news, and not just for the pro-life side of the abortion debate who can tout a long-sought

Protesters taking a stand on the abortion issue in front of the Red River clinic in downtown Fargo. Picture taken in 2010. David Samson / The Forum

Lacee Bjork Anderson: On Abortion It’s the Center, Stupid

This guest post was submitted by Lacee Bjork Anderson, an attorney and public affairs specialist. “It’s the economy, stupid,” may be one of the most recognizable political clichés of our time since it was first coined by James Carville during Bill Clinton’s 1992 Presidential campaign. And indeed, a look back at the last three decades

Planned Parenthood offices in Moorhead. Forum file photo

What if NDSU’s Partnership With Planned Parenthood Could Lead to Fewer Abortions?

I largely agree with the Fargo Forum’s editorial today, chastising some 89 state lawmakers for urging North Dakota State University to end a research partnership with Planned Parenthood. “If we attempted to control research, particularly in response to political pressure, then NDSU could be violating accreditation standards, which require academic freedom and political autonomy,” NDSU

A scene from the now-defunct ABC drama "Blood and Oil" which was set in North Dakota's oil fields but filmed in Utah Fargo Forum file photo

Do We Want to Invite Activist Hollywood to North Dakota?

David Diebel, a producer and co-owner of Bismarck-based DN Cinematics and a board member of the North Dakota Film and Media Association, joined me on a recent episode of the podcast to talk about the question of incentives for film/television production in our state. The Legislature ordered a study into the matter which if completed

Print Column: To Reduce Abortions, Perhaps Less Focus on Lectures and More on Birth Control

Are pro-life Republicans interested in creating headlines or reducing the number of abortions? I’m pro-life, but I couldn’t help but be frustrated this week when the Republican majority in the North Dakota House of Representatives passed HB1336 on a 73-16 vote. That bill, sponsored by Rep. Daniel Johnston (R-Kathryn), would add to the list of

Rep. Luke Simons (R-Dickinson) Dickinson Press photo

Amendment to Pro-Life Bill Would Let Attorney General, Not the Courts, Decide Whether It’s Constitutional

State Rep. Luke Simons (R-Dickinson) introduced HB1546 which aims to ban what it describes as “human dismemberment abortion.” A gruesome topic, to be sure, but my purpose in writing about it today isn’t so much the subject of the bill itself but a strange amendment added to it in committee. An effective date was added,

State Rep. Rick Becker

Plain Talk Podcast: Government Shutdown, “Abortion Reversal” Bill, and Civil Asset Forfeiture With Rep. Rick Becker

On episode 3 of the Plain Talk Podcast I talked about the longest government shutdown in American history, which I blame on the bloated federal government. The states should do more, and the intransigent politicians in Washington D.C. should do less. I also comment on “abortion reversal” legislation proposed in Bismarck for the 2019 session,

Anti-abortion protestors hold signs toward pedestrians and passing traffic Wednesday, July 11, 2018, outside the Red River Women's Clinic in Fargo. Erin Bormett / The Forum

So-Called “Abortion Reversal” Bill Is a Bad Idea

It’s been a while since we’ve had a fight over abortion in the North Dakota legislature. Six years ago there were a number of abortion bills passed by lawmakers, and achieved varying levels of success in the courts, but since then we haven’t seen much in the way of abortion legislation. But in the 2019