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Who Said Those Pro-Life Bills Were A Waste Of Time?

Who Said Those Pro-Life Bills Were A Waste Of Time?

When the North Dakota legislature passed a slew of pro-life bills last year, the opposition said they were a waste of time. They’d be struck down in court quickly. They wouldn’t make any difference. That included legislation which required abortion doctors working in North Dakota to have admitting privileges at a North Dakota hospital, something

North Dakota Abortion Lawsuit To Settle After Sanford Health Bails Out Clinic

A lawsuit over a North Dakota abortion law passed by the legislature last year last year requiring credentialing for abortion clinic doctors was supposed to go to trial before Judge Wickham Corwin in Fargo today. But it didn’t go to trial, and attorneys for the pro-abortion side are saying a settlement has been reached. So

Fargo Forum Won't Print List Of Businesses Donating To Abortion Rally

The Fargo Forum picked up on a SAB guest post from Concerned Women for America director Janne Myrdal concerning a fundraiser for North Dakota’s only abortion clinic was sponsored, according to the organizers, by a number of Fargo-area businesses. The angle Forum reporter Patrick Springer chose for his piece suggests that the boycott Myrdal and

Guest Post: Fargo Businesses Hold Pro-Abortion Fundraiser

While most North Dakotans were finally enjoying some summer weather and precious time with family and friends, the Red River Abortion Facility held a fundraiser in downtown Fargo. A fundraiser for abortion? Really? Who on earth would support a fundraiser for a business that kills children and hurts women? Apparently some local businesses did. After

North Dakota Clinic Director: Criticism Of Abortion Is "Disgusting," Heart Beat Bill Adds "Stigma" To Abortion

Tammi Kromenaker, director of the Red River Women’s Clinic (a ghoulishly fitting title, especially with the Kermit Gosnell trial in the headlines), was on MSNBC last night suggesting that criticism of abortion is “disgusting.” “When a woman doesn’t want to be pregnant, she’ll go through hell, high water in North Dakota — blizzards, floods, you

North Dakota's Only Abortion Clinic Doesn't Want Pro-Life Bills Referred

Yesterday news broke that a group of petitioners had filed to begin the referral process for the three pro-life bills Governor Jack Dalrymple recently signed into law. But, oddly enough, the state’s only abortion clinic is opposed to referral claiming it will divert resources that could be better used to sue over the law. Some