Fargo Forum Won't Print List Of Businesses Donating To Abortion Rally


The Fargo Forum picked up on a SAB guest post from Concerned Women for America director Janne Myrdal concerning a fundraiser for North Dakota’s only abortion clinic was sponsored, according to the organizers, by a number of Fargo-area businesses.

The angle Forum reporter Patrick Springer chose for his piece suggests that the boycott Myrdal and her group called for would be ineffective. His article features quotes from the owner of a “counterculture” store to back that narrative up, but what’s interesting is that the Forum also didn’t publish the list of businesses the organizers posted on their Facebook page:

The Forum isn’t publishing the list of donors because it couldn’t independently confirm each of the businesses donated. The list could still be found Friday afternoon on the Facebook page for the Red River Women’s Clinic Benefit.

The Forum couldn’t verify all of them, but they contacted at least some of them (who offered explanations for the donations with varying degrees of plausibility), and it’s newsworthy to note the businesses the organizers claim contributed.

If the organizers are lying – and they very well good be – doesn’t that speak to their credibility?

After all, this was a charitable event where people were to donate money to a specific cause. But problems with how the money is spent aren’t at all unusual to these sorts of causes and fundraisers. If the organizers aren’t being honest about who sponsored the event, are they being honest about where the money is going?

Anyway, you can see the list of businesses in the original post. The list was obtain from what the organizers of the event posted on Facebook.