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What if North Dakota Gives Hollywood Incentives and They Treat Us Like They Did Georgia?

What if North Dakota Gives Hollywood Incentives and They Treat Us Like They Did Georgia?

In an editorial over the weekend, the Fargo Forum made a case for North Dakota offering film incentives. This was occasioned by the recent work in Fargo on a film based there called “Tankhouse.” The company which owns the Forum (and which also employs me) is an investor in that film. “North Dakota has the means and

If You’re Going to Attack My Credibility Please Quote Me Accurately

A recent letter to the editor by one David Wells attacks my credibility. “I believe some clarification is in order regarding Rob Port’s description of Democrat Heidi Heitkamp’s political career in his July 17th column. Port is either woefully ignorant of Heitkamp’s political history or he is making a deliberate attempt to deceive Forum readers to advance

Raising the Smoking Age Is a Dumb Way to Address Teen Smoking When So Many Teens Are Already Ignoring the Law

In Minnesota many local governments are joining a national trend toward raising the age for tobacco use to 21. In North Dakota, as the Fargo Forum reported over the weekend, that trend hasn’t found footing. That’s something the Forum would like to change, advocating for the age-21 tobacco prohibition in an editorial. There are a

If the Voters Approve Bad Policy, Does That Make It Good Policy?

I talked about this on today’s podcast, but I thought the Fargo Forum’s Sunday editorial was worth responding to in the form of a blog post as well. (Full disclosure, I’m employed by the Forum Communications Company.) “Legislative leaders are taking steps to gut the constitutional amendment that voters approved in the November election to establish

Plain Talk: If the Voters Cast Their Ballots for Bad Policy, Does That Suddenly Make It Good Policy?

On this episode of the Plain Talk Podcast, state Rep. Jake Blum (R-Grand Forks) talks about his legislation to raise speed limits on North Dakota’s highways and interstates. Also, the Fargo Forum suddenly editorial lashes out at Republican lawmakers for supposedly disrespecting the will of the people when it comes to implementing Measure 1, which

Does North Dakota Really Need Democrats?

The Fargo Forum editorial on Sunday argues North Dakota needs more partisan balance. “No political party, no matter how successful at the ballot box, has a monopoly on good ideas,” they argue. “Public policy benefits when it results from robust debate and clashing viewpoints are melded, incorporating the best ideas from competing sides.” I agree! The

Podcast: Fargo Forum Editor Talks About New Policy Treating Some Letters to the Editor as Advertising

“We are going to try and use our best judgment.” That’s what Fargo Forum editor Matthew Von Pinnon told me during a radio interview yesterday (full audio of the show below) about a new policy, embraced by Forum Communications newspapers, of charging for some types of letters to the editor. Full disclosure: I’m employed by Forum

Fargo, Bismarck City Commissioners Defend Letter to State Lawmakers

Last week I published a letter Fargo City Commissioner Tony Gehrig and Bismarck City Commissioner Steve Marquardt had sent to state lawmakers concerning economic incentive programs. The letter was sent on City of Fargo letterhead, though the commissioners made it clear with the first sentence of the letter that they were representing themselves individually and

Much Ado About Letterhead: What Is the Fargo Forum So Afraid Of?

“Gehrig violates trust” That was the headline of a Fargo Forum editorial published online yesterday which chastised City Commissioner Tony Gehrig for sending a letter to state lawmakers on City of Fargo letterhead. Bismarck City Commissioner Steve Marquardt co-signed the letter which was critical of tax incentive programs. The commissioners argued that these programs are