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House Minority Leader Rep. Cory Mock, D-Grand Forks, right, answers questions along with Senate assistant minority leader Sen. John Grabinger, at a press conference in Bismarck on Tuesday requesting North Dakota Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem to withdraw from a Texas lawsuit challenging the Affordable Care Act. Bismarck Tribune photo

Does North Dakota Really Need Democrats?

Does North Dakota Really Need Democrats?

The Fargo Forum editorial on Sunday argues North Dakota needs more partisan balance. “No political party, no matter how successful at the ballot box, has a monopoly on good ideas,” they argue. “Public policy benefits when it results from robust debate and clashing viewpoints are melded, incorporating the best ideas from competing sides.” I agree! The

Podcast: Fargo Forum Editor Talks About New Policy Treating Some Letters to the Editor as Advertising

“We are going to try and use our best judgment.” That’s what Fargo Forum editor Matthew Von Pinnon told me during a radio interview yesterday (full audio of the show below) about a new policy, embraced by Forum Communications newspapers, of charging for some types of letters to the editor. Full disclosure: I’m employed by Forum

Rikiki Rohrich, of the North Dakota Commerce Department, testified neutral on HB 1182 on Wednesday morning in front of the House Finance & Taxation Committee. Rohrich runs the state program on Renaissance Zones. Listening at left is Bismarck city commissioner Steve Marquardt. TOM STROMME/BISMARCK TRIBUNE

Fargo, Bismarck City Commissioners Defend Letter to State Lawmakers

Last week I published a letter Fargo City Commissioner Tony Gehrig and Bismarck City Commissioner Steve Marquardt had sent to state lawmakers concerning economic incentive programs. The letter was sent on City of Fargo letterhead, though the commissioners made it clear with the first sentence of the letter that they were representing themselves individually and

Fargo, N.D., City Commissioner Tony Gehrig listens to Commissioner Dave Piepkorn speak about Gehrig's plan to cut the city's property taxes by 20-percent during a city commissioner's meeting at the Civic Center on Monday, July 20, 2015.

Much Ado About Letterhead: What Is the Fargo Forum So Afraid Of?

“Gehrig violates trust” That was the headline of a Fargo Forum editorial published online yesterday which chastised City Commissioner Tony Gehrig for sending a letter to state lawmakers on City of Fargo letterhead. Bismarck City Commissioner Steve Marquardt co-signed the letter which was critical of tax incentive programs. The commissioners argued that these programs are

State Rep. Lawrence Klemin, a Republican from Bismarck, requests that his proposed internet censorship legislation be withdrawn.

No Time Is Ever the Right Time to Propose Censorship Legislation

My Sunday newspaper column was about a collection of embarrassing incidents here at the dawn of the 2017 legislative session, among them the introduction (and subsequent withdrawal) of a bipartisan internet censorship bill which would have required a content filter for every internet capable device sold in our state. The legislation – which would have

Fargo entrepreneur and philanthropist Doug Burgum, third from right, meets with the press following his announcement for North Dakotaís gubernatorial race Jan. 14, 2016, in Fargo. Michael Vosburg / Forum Photo Editor

Let’s Start Giving Politicians Awards for Leading Instead of Winning Elections

Over the holiday weekend the Fargo Forum named Governor Doug Burgum their Person of the Year. That’s unfortunate. We need to stop treating election victories as if they were the finish line for politicians, rather than the first step in a process through which they will hopefully turn out to be good leaders. My intent here

Republicans Say Anti-Dakota Access Pipeline Ad in Newspapers Wasn’t From Them

Recently a full-page newspaper ad which ran in the Fargo Forum and the Bismarck Tribune on Sunday caused quite a stir. Not so much for the content, which is blatantly anti-law enforcement and anti-pipeline, but because of the group identified as paying for the ad. According to a disclaimer at the bottom of the ad,

Fargo (N.D) City Commissioner Dave Piepkorn stand outside City Hall on Thursday, June 12, 2014. Michael Vosburg / Forum Photo Editor

What Are the Supporters of Refugee Resettlement So Afraid Of?

Last week Fargo City Commissioner Dave Piepkorn asked for a thorough review of the costs to the City of Fargo from refugee resettlement in that community. Piepkorn estimates the cost to the city is in the millions, but wants a formal review. It didn’t seem like a terribly controversial request to me. Fargo has taken

President Dean Bresciani, president of North Dakota State University, gives his State of the University address Thursday, Oct. 8, 2015, in Fargo. Michael Vosburg / Forum Photo Editor

In Email to NDSU Employees President Dean Bresciani Admits Text Messages Were “Not Appropriate”

In an email sent out to the entire NDSU campus this morning President Dean Bresciani admits that text messages he sent supporting controversial media restrictions he later rescinded were “not appropriate.” I broke the story about the text messages on Friday, and in a subsequent editorial the Fargo Forum has asked for Bresciani to resign.