North Dakota's Only Abortion Clinic Doesn't Want Pro-Life Bills Referred


Yesterday news broke that a group of petitioners had filed to begin the referral process for the three pro-life bills Governor Jack Dalrymple recently signed into law.

But, oddly enough, the state’s only abortion clinic is opposed to referral claiming it will divert resources that could be better used to sue over the law.

Some aren’t so keen on Hangsleben and Riemers’ strategy.

Red River Women’s Clinic in Fargo, the state’s lone abortion clinic, has come out against the possibility of referrals.

Its director, Tammi Kromenaker could not be reached for comment, but the clinic posted an anti-referral message Tuesday morning.

“…please don’t act like legislators who do not even consult with us on strategy,” the clinic’s note said.

The post said bringing the laws to the polls could interfere with the Center for Reproductive Rights’ litigation strategy in the state. The center is an international legal advocacy organization focused on reproductive rights.

Gathering signatures for the petition also would divert resources that could be applied elsewhere, according to the clinic.

More like these folks know that, if given the chance to vote, North Dakotans would probably cast their ballots to keep the laws.

Abortion was originally made legal (or, more accurately, laws banning abortion were ruled unconstitutional) through a court ruling. That was done because most states would probably have never voted to legalize abortion.

Since then, the pro-abortion activists have done a pretty good job of making it seem like opposing abortion is some sort of a fringe, right-wing position. Three referendums for pro-life bills getting voted down on the statewide ballot would throw a monkey wrench in that narrative.

Sure, the national media and left-wing activists could just mock North Dakota voters as a bunch of stupid rubes (they think that about us anyway), but in the state it would be pretty devastating for the pro-abortion cause. That’s a risk the professional pro-abortion activists don’t want to take.