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Are Expanded Unemployment Benefits Keeping Americans From Moving To Find Work?

Are Expanded Unemployment Benefits Keeping Americans From Moving To Find Work?

It’s not exactly news that millions and millions of Americans are out of work right now, or have less work than they want/need to support themselves. It’s a chronic problem that has plagued the country throughout most President Obama’s term in office. But what is news is that the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis has found

Vermont Shortens Length Of Welfare Benefits, Sees Unemployment Numbers Drop

On the national level we’ve been having a debate about unemployment benefits. Democrats want to extended an expansion of unemployment benefits put in place along with other so-called “stimulus” policies. Republicans argue that these expanded benefits contribute to longer terms of unemployment while costing taxpayers too much money. Who is right? Vermont might hold a

Extending Expanded Unemployment Benefits Is Bad For The Economy Says…Paul Krugman?

On his New York Times blog, Paul Krugman takes a shot at “right wing” thinking on extending expanded unemployment benefits, describing the position as “anti-scientific.” There’s a sort of standard view on this issue, based on more or less Keynesian models. According to this view, enhanced UI actually creates jobs when the economy is depressed.

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Hoeven Jumps On Board With Temporary Extension Of Expanded Unemployment Benefits

Yesterday Senator John Hoeven voted against beginning debate on an renewal of expanded unemployment benefits. But today Senator Hoeven is part of a coalition of Senate Republicans who want a three-month extension of the expanded benefits in exchange for restoring funding for military veterans. A group of Republican senators plans to offer a way to

Why Does Obama Want To Extend Unemployment, Aren't We Four Years Into An Economic Recovery?

The Senate voted today to proceed to debate of an extension of unemployment benefits which expired in the new year (North Dakota Senator John Hoeven voted no, Senator Heidi Heitkamp voted with her party), and President Obama went on the attack against Republicans who are opposing the extension. “Now, two weeks ago Congress went home

Poll: Most Americans Blame Welfare For Persistent Poverty

You have to wonder, if this poll is accurate, where were these people in November when the number of people on food stamps and other social programs were a major part of the campaign? Two decades after President Bill Clinton promised to “end welfare as we know it,” Americans blame government handouts for persistent poverty

Shocker: Department Of Labor Gives Twinkie-Killing Union Workers A Bailout

When the ponderously-named Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union went on strike they made national headlines for potentially killing off Twinkies. Of course, the unions hotly denied that it was their unreasonable demands and strike when those demands weren’t met that killed Twinkies. Now, by way of granting the union workers a

North Dakota Senate Votes Again To Deny Unemployment Benefits To Locked out Union Workers

The debate over this issue which occurred in the Senate yesterday was over amending an existing bill to add this provision. The debate in the Senate which took place today was on the final passage of the bill. And it was, again, a lengthy debate as Democrats weren’t quite done grandstanding for their union allies.

Video: ND Senate Passes Amendment To Deny Unemployment Benefits To Workers In Labor Disputes

Earlier I wrote about a proposed amendment to HB1112 which would clarify existing law making it clear that unemployment benefits are not to go to workers involved in a labor dispute. Earlier this month the North Dakota Supreme Court ruled that the language was ambiguous, and granted unemployment benefits to a group of locked out

ND Legislature To Amend Labor Law To Deny Unemployment Benefits To Locked Out Union Workers

In a ridiculous and tortured interpretation of existing law, the North Dakota Supreme Court ruled that locked out American Crystal Sugar workers were entitled to unemployment benefits. Because the obvious legislative intent of the current law was disregarded by the court, the legislature is going to clarify the law for them. Senator Jerry Klein (R-Fessenden)