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State Rep. Marvin Nelson of Rolla photo by Eric Hylden/Grand Forks Herald

Rep. Nelson: Minimum Wage Hike Needed Because Business Aren’t Paying Workers Enough to Survive

Rep. Nelson: Minimum Wage Hike Needed Because Business Aren’t Paying Workers Enough to Survive

State Rep. Marvin Nelson wants to increase North Dakota’s minimum wage because he’s “tired of paying other people’s wages” he told me today during an interview on my radio show. He’s introduced legislation to do just that, sponsoring HB1263 (PDF) which would raise the wage minimum to $9.25 per hour on January 1, 2018, and

“The Pioneer Family” stands in front of the North Dakota State Capitol on July 14, 2016, in Bismarck. Michael Vosburg / Forum Photo Editor

Stop Whining About “Waste of Time” Legislation

The beginning of North Dakota’s legislative session is like a holiday for those of us who make a living writing about politics and public policy, because in those weeks there are thousands of bills introduced proposing all manner of policy ideas ranging from the sensible to the zany. It gives us a lot to write

Pump jacks are seen at the Lukoil company owned Imilorskoye oil field, as the sun sets, outside the West Siberian city of Kogalym, Russia, January 25, 2016. REUTERS/Sergei Karpukhin

Maybe the Solution for Oil Industry Spill Reporting Is Categories

North Dakota has a problem with the way it reports oil industry spills. Lots and lots of tiny, contained spills are documented by the state and the inclusion of that data in statistical analysis can lead to a false impression about the environmental impacts of oil and gas development in our state. When the public

Activist Behind ND Anti-Porn Bill Threatens Lawsuit, Was Once Arrested Amid Stalking Accusations

I realize this is my third post on this subject today, but I guess we haven’t found the bottom of this rabbit hole yet. To catch you up, yesterday I wrote about zany anti-porn legislation (HB1185) which would have required that every internet-capable device in North Dakota be sold with content filtering installed on it.

State Rep. Lawrence Klemin, a Republican from Bismarck, requests a voice vote to withdraw internet censorship legislation he sponsored.

Audio: Anti-Porn Activist Flips Out After Censorship Bill Withdrawn in ND Legislature

Today on my radio show I had on as a guest anti-porn activist Chris Severe to talk about that “pornography vending machine” censorship legislation which was withdrawn in the state House earlier today. Severe is part of a group that’s been pushing similar legislation in a number of states, calling it the “Human Trafficking Prevention Act.”

Rep. Mark Owens, a Republican from Grand Forks, argues in favor of his legislation to require just one license plate on North Dakota vehicles.

Video: After a Lengthy Debate ND House Votes Down Bill Requiring Just One Auto License Plate

The North Dakota House of Representatives today took up HB1084, sponsored by Rep. Mark Owens of Grand Forks. The legislation, had it passed, would have ended the requirement for two license plates on North Dakota vehicles instead requiring just one. Unfortunately, despite a lengthy debate, it didn’t pass. You can watch video of the entire

North Dakota State Treasurer Kelly Schmidt

Audio: Treasurer Kelly Schmidt Says She Felt Ambushed by Legislation to Eliminate Her Office

Yesterday on my radio show I interviewed Treasurer Kelly Schmidt and Rep. Mike Nathe, both Republicans, about the latter’s push to eliminate the former’s office. You can hear the audio of both interviews below, Schmidt first and Nathe second. Schmidt told me she felt ambushed by the announcement of legislation, backed by members of her own party,

Legislation Would Cancel Daylight Saving Time in North Dakota, Move Whole State to Central Time

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I hate Daylight Saving Time. I’ve always been a bit of an insomniac anyway, and that time shift always throws me for a loop. It’s been worse with my kids, who also struggle with it. I’ve never understood the point of shifting the time. If legislation

The State Hospital in Jamestown as seen in 2004

Video: Senate Shoots Down Legislation Removing the State Hospital From the Constitution

Roughly 132 years ago, four years before statehood, the leaders of the Dakota Territory created in law the requirement for a state hospital in Jamestown. Those early politicians did that with a lot of the state’s institutions. Today we have constitutional mandates for the missions and locations of everything from our public universities to the

Wade Moser, center, chairman of the Outdoor Heritage Fund advisory committee, outlines fund grant applications at a meeting of the North Dakota State Industrial Commission on Wednesday, Oct. 5, 2016, in Bismarck. Seated are, from left, Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem, Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring and Governor Jack Dalrymple. TOM STROMME, Tribune

Legislation Would Let Lawmakers Void Expensive Oil and Gas Regulations

At one point last year the North Dakota Industrial Commission (the executive branch triumvirate which regulates oil and gas activity in our state) passed a raft of new rules for the state’s oil and gas industry among them a new requirement for a six inch berm around well sites to help contain spills there. The new six inch


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