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State Rep. Mike Nathe speaks in favor of his legislation to close down the North Dakota Treasurer's Office.

Video: Legislation to Eliminate State Treasurer’s Office Flops

Video: Legislation to Eliminate State Treasurer’s Office Flops

It wasn’t hard to forecast the likely outcome of a House vote today on HCR3004, a proposed constitutional amendment which would have eliminated the State Treasurer’s Office. Back during last year’s election cycle Democrat state Senator Tim Mathern campaigned for Treasurer against incumbent Republican Kelly Schmidt on a platform made up of exactly one plank.

State Sales Tax Revenues Miss Forecast by More Than $40 Million in January

North Dakota keeps revising its revenue forecasts down, and actual revenue collections keep coming in even lower. It’s a reality that’s complicating the Legislature’s efforts to budget for the next biennium. While revenue collections are still coming in ahead of pre-oil boom levels, biennium to date, nobody seems certain about where the floor is for

A protestor pours gasoline on a fire blocking North Dakota Hwy. 1806 on Thursday, Oct. 27, 2016, north of Cannon Ball. Michael Vosburg / Forum Photo Editor

This Is the Legislation North Dakota Should Have Passed in Response to the #NoDAPL Riots

Yesterday the state Senate passed three of four of the “protest bills” introduced in reaction to the #NoDAPL rioting against the Dakota Access Pipeline. One of those bills made it illegal to wear a mask while committing a crime, while another increased the consequences for illegal protest activities. A third allows law enforcement to cite

State Senator Diane Larson (R-Bismarck) speaks in favor of SB2152.

Video: Senate Passes Bill Closing Down Some Public Access to Job Applicant Information

Earlier today former Governor Ed Schafer wrote a post for SAB about SB2152. He’s in favor of it, arguing that North Dakota will get more and better applications for public jobs if we don’t make those applications a public record until the final hiring round. Today the state Senate voted in favor of it as

Shanley players in prayer. Forum News Service file photo.

Video: Bill Allowing Prayer at North Dakota High School Playoff Games Passes State House

Back in 2015 there was a controversy over prayer at high school sports events here in North Dakota. At the time a Facebook posting of the Bismarck St. Mary’s and Kindred football teams praying after a playoff game on Saturday went viral. The post claimed that the North Dakota High School Activities Association has banned

State Senator Scott Meyer carries SB2135 on the Senate floor.

Video: State Senate Passes Legislation Creating Commission to Review Initiated Measure Process

Today the Senate, on a 38-8 vote, passed SB2135 which creates a commission during the 2017-2019 legislative interim to review the initiated measure process and determine if any changes need to be made with it. The commission would be funded with a $25,000 appropriation and would be made up of the North Dakota Chamber of

Republicans Should Adopt Changes to Medical Marijuana Legislation Proposed by Democrats

In November our state’s voters approved a ballot measure which everyone thought would give citizens legal access to medical marijuana. In reality the ballot measure was such a poorly-written mess – a shining example of the stupidity of legislating at the ballot box – that it didn’t even actually decriminalize medical marijuana. Left to stand,

Larry Skogen, president of Bismarck State College

Thanks, Bismarck State College, for Illustrating Why We Can’t Trust the University System

For years there has been tension between the North Dakota University System and state lawmakers. Most of it having to do with the universities playing politics over budget issues. A recent case in point is this media blitz by Bismarck State College which has the institution’s leadership feeding cooked numbers to credulous reporters in the hopes

Chief Justice of the North Dakota Supreme Court Gerald VandeWalle, left, administers the oath of office to Governor Doug Burgum on Tuesday in the house chambers. Watching from left are Tom Burgum, 18, first lady Kathryn Helgaas Burgum and Jesse Burgum, 20. Photo by Tom Stromme / Bismarck Tribune

After Blistering Campaign Governor Burgum and Lawmakers Are Mostly Getting Along

During his campaign last year Governor Doug Burgum had a blistering message for voters about the status quo in Bismarck. One of a spendthrift “good old boys club” out of touch with the desires of the public. It worked. Burgum won both a heated primary against Republican challenger Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem and also a


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