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Fargo Republican Named the 4th Most Productive Lawmaker in America

Fargo Republican Named the 4th Most Productive Lawmaker in America

Fargo Republican state Senator Judy Lee is ranked #4 in the nation when it comes to productive state lawmakers. That’s according to the folks at FiscalNote which arrived at the ranking by looking at the number of bills each lawmaker introduced and the percentage of those bills which passed and running the numbers through an

Senator Oley Larsen: Dental Therapy Is Working in Minnesota, Why Not North Dakota?

This guest post was submitted by state Senator Oley Larsen, a Republican representing District 3 in Minot. I recently had the chance to visit with University of Minnesota faculty and tour dental businesses in our neighboring state that are teaching dental therapy and using dental therapists. And to be brief, it’s working! This free market

Man Behind Proposed “Porn Vending Machines” Law in North Dakota at It Again, This Time in Rhode Island

Back during the 2017 legislative session I flagged a bizarre piece of legislation, introduced by Bismarck Republican Lawrence Klemin, which would have (among other things) required that every internet-capable device sold in North Dakota be equipped with porn filtering by default. HB1185, which would have defined internet-capable devices as “porn vending machines”, was ultimately withdrawn from

Senator Jon Casper: Legislature Has Already Taken Steps to Improve Transparency and Ethics

This guest post was submitted by state Senator Jon Casper, a Republican from Fargo. I led the charge last session to pass campaign finance reform. Republican legislative leaders co-authored the legislation and worked to pass SB 2343. The finance reform legislation Republicans passed was the most sweeping since the state started requiring any type of

Republican Lawmaker Says His Residence Is Still in North Dakota Despite Currently Working in Minnesota

Recently the state’s political circles have been buzzing about state Rep. Bill Oliver, a Republican from New Town, supposedly moving to Thief River Falls in Minnesota where he’s managing an O’Reilly Auto Parts Store. This sort of thing has been controversial in recent years. Current House Minority Leader Corey Mock, a Democrat, moved out of his

North Dakota’s Legislature May Not Be as Conservative as You Think

If you listen to the gibberings of left wing commentators here in North Dakota you might get the idea that our state is run by an group of far-right extremists, but according to legislative ratings recently released by the American Conservative Union that doesn’t seem to be the case. In fact, North Dakota’s Republican majorities

Governor Burgum May Be Salty About It, but Lawmakers Are Right to Sue Over Vetoes

State lawmakers announced today that they’ll be filing a lawsuit challenging some of the vetoes issued by Governor Doug Burgum targeting bills they passed during their session earlier this year. We knew this was coming. Senate Majority Leader Rich Wardner told me back in June that lawmakers needed just one more vote to move forward

Rick Olson: Does North Dakota Need a Law to Protect the Jobs of People Serving in the Legislature?

Although we are more than a year away from the next general election in November of 2018; many people at the local and state levels of the political parties in North Dakota use this time to try and find candidates for office. During the last election cycle in 2016, for example, many legislative races across

Report Shows Where You Get Divorced in North Dakota Could Have a Big Impact on Child Custody Outcomes

North Dakota has had a long-running debate over shared parenting. Multiple ballot measures, and multiple legislative efforts, over the years have resulted in some reforms though shared parenting proponents still want more reform. Opponents of reform tell us that there’s nothing all that wrong with the status quo. That custody cases are adjudicated fairly and

A.J. Schultz: Address Hate by Empowering Judges and Removing Politics

Everyone is aware of the incident involving those women in that Fargo Walmart parking lot, and the debate we now have about hate crimes legislation. It’s been a long time coming: North Dakota ranks second-highest in hate crimes per capita, and has ranked no lower than second since 2011. The point of any criminal law