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Video: Legislators Kill Property Tax Transparency Bill

Video: Legislators Kill Property Tax Transparency Bill

There is nothing that keeps North Dakotans pissed off, from one legislative session to the next, like property taxes. And a lot of the problem is that the process of how the tax is formulated and levied is hugely complicated. HB1058, introduced by Legislative Management, would require any taxing authority considering a tax hike to

Rob Port's Law: Bills Named After People Should Require A Supermajority To Pass

The North Dakota legislature is getting its first bill named after someone this session, courtesy of Rep. Jessica Haak (D-Al Carlson Is A Nazi). I’m introducing “Jackie’s Law” tomorrow morning to help protect victims of stalking. http://t.co/qOSgC8dXha #ndleg #ndpol #NorthDakota — Jessica Haak (@jesshaak) January 27, 2015 Back in 2013, writing about another named law,

Bills For Balanced Budget, Oil Exports, Pensions And DUI Punishments Filed

Last night a ton of new bills were filed for the 2015 legislative sessions (and some of you were complaining that they weren’t being posted). I’ve written about a couple of the more interesting bills this morning (allowing concealed carry for elected officials on public property, $5,000 given to each child born in ND) but

North Dakota District Conventions: Districts 12 and 29 Jamestown and Stutsman, Foster, and LaMoure Counties

This post is part of a continuing series highlighting the potential state legislative candidates from each district for their party’s nomination. For more information on this series, refer to the “SAB’s Guide To North Dakota District Conventions: A Government Of People Who Show Up” post. The Districts: 12 and 29 Click on a District number above for a map

After "Nazi" Twitter Controversy, Democrat Rep. Jessica Haak At It Again

I don’t think Rep. Jessica Haak needs any introduction to the SAB audience. She’s the Jamestown-area Democrat who called House Majority Leader Al Carlson a “Nazi” on Twitter and was later forced to apologize on the floor of the House. Well, Rep. Haak is at it again. Yesterday the House Agriculture Committee heard testimony on

SAB Legislative Hall Of Shame Week 8: Rep. Dave Monson

The last week of the legislative session before crossover was a busy one. Both chambers of the legislature were in floor session for hours and hours as lots of important and controversial bills got their votes. So picking a Hall of Shame winner this week was tough. There were a lot of legislators who deserved

SAB's Top Posts For The Last Week, Open Thread

These were the top posts, by page views, on SayAnythingBlog.com for the week that was: Democrat Legislator Jessica Haak Calls Republican Majority Leader A “Nazi” – Rep. Jessica Haak – (D-Jamestown) got caught posting nasty things, untrue things about Republicans on Twitter. When House Majority Leader Al Carlson confronted her about it, she called him

Democrat Legislator Jessica Haak Calls Republican Majority Leader A "Nazi"

Here was Rep. Jessica Haak’s (D-Jamestown) Twitter feed as of a few minutes ago: Earlier today, during the debate over Rep. Mark Dosch’s school choice bill, Rep. Haak was claiming on Twitter that Republicans were “bashing public schools.” That was demonstrably untrue, as anyone who watched the debate knows (video here), and I referenced Haak’s

ND House Votes Down More Tax Bills

Yesterday the North Dakota House voted down a number of tax bills, most notably one that would have suspended the state income tax for two years, and today another laundry list of tax bills got shot down. Here’s the kill list: HB1396, introduced by Rep. Kim Koppelman, would have required that any property sold in