After "Nazi" Twitter Controversy, Democrat Rep. Jessica Haak At It Again


I don’t think Rep. Jessica Haak needs any introduction to the SAB audience. She’s the Jamestown-area Democrat who called House Majority Leader Al Carlson a “Nazi” on Twitter and was later forced to apologize on the floor of the House.

Well, Rep. Haak is at it again. Yesterday the House Agriculture Committee heard testimony on a controversial animal cruelty bill. A reader who was in attendance to testify on the bill sent along this exchange which has Rep. Haak claiming a colleague, Rep. Craig Headland, was “bitch slapped.”

Yesterday I attended the Ag Committee hearing on SB2211 (Animal Cruelty). It became apparent throughout the meetings as to why Al Carlson had scolded Rep. Jess Haak on her frequent “twittering.” During the 2 different sessions for this hearing, Jess managed to barely listen to any testimony, other than that of her cronies from the ND Farmers Union. The rest of the time she spent fiddling with her iPad and muttering things under her breath to whoever happened to be sitting next to her. She seemed very immature and not deserving of the seat which she possessed at these hearings.

In the afternoon session, we heard testimony from the opposition side to the bill. It was in a crowded room and there were seats directly in front of the Ag Committee and in close proximity. As the meeting was coming to a close, Rep. Headland asked if there was anybody in the room from PETA or HSUS. Nobody raised their hand until Rep. [Diane] Larson pointed out a gal in the front row, stating “well, she’s right there.” At this point, Rep. Haak looks in the direction of Rep.[Marvin] Nelson and clearly says “Bitch slapped.”

This was heard by multiple people seated directly in front of Haak and Nelson.

I don’t know if this is newsworthy, but I’m thinking that if anyone were to keep an eye on her, this is standard operating procedure for Rep. Haak. She has some growing up to do. It is embarrassing that she is a representative in the great state of North Dakota.

Rep. Haak, if you’re reading this, please grow up.

Update: Another reader weighs in:

I just read your post about Rep. Headland supposingly to have been bitch slapped it made me laugh. I was in attendence at the hearing and will agree Rep Haak appeared to be suffering from ADD. She was constantly either on her iphone or ipad. I was across the room from her so I did not hear her comment.

If anyone was bitched slapped it was the HSUS rep and the proponents of the bill when Rep Headland asked if HSUS or Peta were in the room. When no one responded Rep Headland made a comment as to how telling that was. Rep. Larson then pointed out the HSUS rep who stated she would not testify, that she was just there to help the proponents with how and what to say in there testimony.

In the words of another audience member-“Rep. Headland was a rock star at the hearing”.