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Legislature Should Consider Using Existing Platforms for Video of Committee Meetings

Legislature Should Consider Using Existing Platforms for Video of Committee Meetings

Several years ago the North Dakota Legislature implemented a video system for floor sessions in the House and Senate chambers. I should pause here to note that, with this blog celebrating its 16th birthday yesterday, I’ve been around long enough to remember when we only had an audio stream of floor sessions. Through RealPlayer which,

Plain Talk: Lawmaker Wants a Pay Day for Suing the State

On this episode of Plain Talk, state Rep. Marvin Nelson (D-Rolla) wants the courts to award him a six figure payout after he and four other plaintiffs sued the state to deny retroactive payments to royalty owners. His lawyers also want $62 million in fees. Meanwhile the royalty owners, who were denied payments for mineral

State Lawmaker Who Sued the State Wants $150,000 for “Hardships” From Public Criticism, Also $62 Million in Attorneys Fees

State Rep. Marvin Nelson, a Democrat from Rolla, was one of five plaintiffs who sued the state of North Dakota to prohibit the pay out of $187 million to royalty owners with rights under Lake Sakakawea. Now Nelson and his fellow plaintiffs want the state to pay them more than $62 million in legal fees,

Podcast: Rep. Marvin Nelson Talks Marijuana, House Majority Leader Al Carlson Talks #NoDAPL and Heidi Heitkamp

On the radio show today, Democratic state Representative Marvin Nelson talked about the challenges North Dakota lawmakers may face if Measure 3 to legalize recreational marijuana passes. He says the Legislature may have to tweak a few things, but that they’re more than capable of making it work. House Majority Leader Al Carlson also joined

Democratic Gadfly With History of Wild Accusations Files Bogus Ethics Complaint Against Congressman Kevin Cramer

A consistent tactic North Dakota Democrats and their various allies like to use in election years is to charge their opponents with ethics violations, even going so far as to file lawsuits and complaints which are usually dismissed after election day. Because the point of these charges isn’t so much to uncover ethical lapses as

Bismarck State President: Saudi Arabia’s Systematic Oppression of Women Is a “Religious More” to Be Tolerated

At yesterday’s meeting of the State Board of Higher Education state Rep. Marvin Nelson, a Democrat from Rolla, was critical of a pending deal between Bismarck State College and the National Power Academy of Saudi Arabia which serves men only. The agreement would be a five year contract for BSC to provide curriculum and training to

This Dumb Lawsuit Could Cost North Dakota Taxpayers Big Time

For some reason two former gubernatorial candidates – Democratic state Rep. Marvin Nelson and gadfly Paul Sorum – have filed a lawsuit trying to stop the State of North Dakota from recognizing the private ownership of minerals (read: oil and gas) under Lake Sakakawea. That’s a man-made lake. Everyone agrees that the state owns the

Roger Sundahl: Who Is Paying for Your Lawsuit Marvin Nelson?

This guest post was submitted by Roger Sundahl of Bismarck. Sundahl graduated from UND in 1965 and served two years as an officer in the U.S. Army. My entire working career has been in the food ingredient industry, where I continue to work a self employed industrial food ingredient broker. He has been married to a member of the Wilkinson

Former Democratic Candidates Say They Don’t Mind Cramer Paying Family to Work for His Campaign

North Dakota Democrats and their various media mouthpieces have been making an enormous stink about Congressman Kevin Cramer paying members of his family to work for his campaign. The intense political attacks on Cramer were no doubt orchestrated to keep the Congressman out of a race challenging Senate incumbent Heidi Heitkamp this year. But even

Podcast: Cramer Says Democrats “Should Be Greatly Relieved” He’s Not Running for Senate

Below is the audio from today’s radio show. Remember you can get the audio delivered to your devices every day by subscribing to the podcast. “They should be greatly relieved,” Congressman Kevin Cramer told me of Democrats reacting to his decision not to run for the U.S. Senate. I had asked Cramer about some saying