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Video: Bill Sponsor Warns of “Serfdom and Slavery” as Minimum Wage Legislation Is Defeated

Video: Bill Sponsor Warns of “Serfdom and Slavery” as Minimum Wage Legislation Is Defeated

HB1263, introduced by Rep. Marvin Nelson, a Democrat from Rolla, would do two things: Raise North Dakota’s minimum wage from $7.25 per hour to $9.25 per hour on January 1, 2018. Mandate automatic, annual increases in the wage at the rate of inflation. Not surprisingly, the legislation got a cool reception from North Dakota’s lawmakers.

Rep. Nelson: Minimum Wage Hike Needed Because Business Aren’t Paying Workers Enough to Survive

State Rep. Marvin Nelson wants to increase North Dakota’s minimum wage because he’s “tired of paying other people’s wages” he told me today during an interview on my radio show. He’s introduced legislation to do just that, sponsoring HB1263 (PDF) which would raise the wage minimum to $9.25 per hour on January 1, 2018, and

Poll: Republican Doug Burgum Dominating Democrat Marvin Nelson in Gubernatorial Race 69-28

North Dakota doesn’t get a lot of political polling even in the most active and competitive of cycles, and the 2016 cycle (outside of a hot Republican gubernatorial primary which concluded in June) wasn’t one of those. Still, the folks at Survey Monkey are running a rolling seven-day polling average for 12 state gubernatorial races,

Burgum Nails Answer to Medicaid Question

“This isn’t a little deal this is a big deal.” That’s what House Majority Leader Al Carlson said during a 2013 floor debate over the disastrous Obamacare law’s expansion of the state Medicaid program (video here). “This is a door from which you walk that you’re never returning. As long as I’ve been here…we’ve been

Audio: Dem Gov Candidate Marvin Nelson Calls Burgum’s Main Street Initiative a “Self Serving Initiative”

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Marvin Nelson was on my radio show today and we talked about the #NoDAPL riot yesterday and some of his Republican opponent Doug Burgum’s recent proposals. Nelson said Burgum doesn’t get it on budgeting. “He came out and said we should do zero sum budgeting,” Nelson told me. “I don’t know why

Audio: Republican Gov Candidate Doug Burgum Says He Doesn’t Know if Trump Is a Disaster, “I Guess We’ll See on Nov 8”

I had Republican gubernatorial candidate Doug Burgum on my radio show today. My first question for him was relevant to a post I wrote this morning about the Marvin Nelson campaign complaining that Burgum’s running mate wouldn’t debate. Apparently the University of Mary tried to schedule a debate between Nelson’s running mate, state Senator Joan

Doug Burgum Releases New Campaign Ad Touting “Main Street Initiative”

During his Republican primary campaign gubernatorial candidate Doug Burgum carpet bombed North Dakota with ads, but just 21 days out from election day he’s run just two ads for his general election campaign. The first was released back on October 10 and was familiar territory for anyone who followed Burgum’s primary campaign. He talked about

Audio: Gubernatorial Candidates Marvin Nelson, Marty Riske Debate

On my radio show today I hosted a debate between the gubernatorial candidates. Or, at least, two of the candidates. Republican candidate Doug Burgum, who was all kinds of available back during the Republican primary, has become less accessible now that we’ve entered the general election portion of the contest. I sent an invitation to

Audio: Democratic Legislative Candidate Says She’s Supporting Republican Gov Candidate, Wants Ethics Commission

Kirsten Diederich is a former president of the State Board of Higher Education and a long time contributor to Republican political campaigns in our state. She’s also running for the state House in District 46 as a Democrat. The District 46 races seem to be one Democrats are targeting, with Kasper seen as a vulnerable