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Even the Democratic Candidate for Governor of North Dakota Says #NoDAPL Protesters Have Lost Credibility

Even the Democratic Candidate for Governor of North Dakota Says #NoDAPL Protesters Have Lost Credibility

The Obama administration may have bailed out the #NoDAPL protesters after federal Judge James Boasberg (himself an Obama appointee) issued an opinion largely undermining their claims, allowing the professional activists organizing the protests to claim a victory, but that doesn’t mean the cause hasn’t been hurt by the facts. Marvin Nelson, the Democratic candidate for

North Dakota Democrats Aren’t Going to Win Until They Stop Preaching to the Choir

In a recent article about Democratic gubernatorial candidate Marvin Nelson’s fundraising woes (he’s still about $940 short of getting his campaign Cadillac fixed) the candidate himself complained the time he has to spend on the phone flogging supporters for money. But the way he phrased his lament struck me as interesting. “Frankly, there isn’t 3 or

Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Marvin Nelson Wants You to Fix His Cadillac

In North Dakota there is no law prohibiting the use of campaign dollars for personal things. Under our state law if you give a politician running for state office money they can spend it on whatever they want, be it personal or campaign related. It became an issue during the 2015 legislative session. State Rep. Ben

Video: Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Marvin Nelson Debates a Cowboy Hat

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Marvin Nelson has been raising a stink in recent weeks about his difficulties in scheduling a debate with Republican candidate Doug Burgum. Burgum was eminently accessible during his primary campaign against fellow Republican Wayne Stenehjem but has been somewhat less accessible since the general election season has begun. At least to those who might

Doug Burgum’s Debate Dodging Is Hypocritical

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Marvin Nelson continues to gripe about Republican candidate Doug Burgum’s reticence to schedule general election debates (see my previous post here). And Nelson continues to have a point, particularly when he notes Burgum’s shift in his approach to campaigning: Nelson says Burgum also declined invitations to a Northwest Landowners meeting and an

Libertarians Need to Get Real About North Dakota’s Priorities

North Dakota’s Libertarians have a real opportunity this election cycle. They’re still a long shot to win any of the races they’re running candidates in, but with the North Dakota Democratic party fading in relevancy, there is a chance for Libertarian Candidates to gain some traction in the minds of North Dakota voters with strong

UPDATED: Democrats Touting Doug Burgum in Mandan Parade

UPDATE: Some clarifications on the float blow. The Doug Burgum campaign is in Mandan today for the Rodeo Days Parade: #TeamDoug and #TeamHoeven are ready for the Mandan Rodeo Days Parade! #HappyBirthdayAmerica pic.twitter.com/grSxTKlu5M — Burgum for ND (@DougForDakota) July 4, 2016 Parades are a big deal in the world of North Dakota politics. Voters in

Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Marvin Nelson Says Burgum Is Dodging Debates

Marvin Nelson, the Democratic gubernatorial candidate for governor, put this message up today on his Facebook wall accusing Republican candidate Doug Burgum of dodging debates. He claims that Burgum has now skipped or canceled two debates: I’ve sent a request for comment into the Burgum campaign about Nelson’s claims. This sort of kabuki dance, where

Marvin Nelson’s Pro-Life Record Is a Headache for Democrats

Karla Rose Hanson is a Democrat running for the state House in District 44. Current the House seats in that district are held by Republican Blair Thoreson and Democrat Josh Boschee. In a letter to the Fargo Forum recently, Hanson hit Thoreson for voting for a pro-life constitutional amendment which ultimately died on the statewide ballot:

Marvin Nelson on Doug Burgum: “He Doesn’t Understand Government”

On Friday while guest hosting for Jay Thomas on WDAY AM970 I interviewed Democratic gubernatorial candidate Marvin Nelson. The full audio of the interview is below. Now that the primary season is over, Nelson’s job is to try and stop the momentum of Republican nominee Doug Burgum who not only crushed popular, long-time Attorney General