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Audio: Lawmaker Says Laws Need Reform, “We Need to Stop Treating Animals Like Human Beings”

Audio: Lawmaker Says Laws Need Reform, “We Need to Stop Treating Animals Like Human Beings”

Yesterday I wrote about a rancher in Stark County who is facing animal neglect charges. The case caught my eye because law enforcement officials tried to seize the man’s livestock – his very livelihood – without so much as a hearing at which he could defend himself. On my radio show I interviewed North Dakota

Gary Dassinger, left, and his attorney Thomas Murtha listen as testimony is given by Stark County Sheriff Terry Oestreich about the condition of animals at Dassinger's Gladstone ranch in April during a civil hearing on Monday, June 5. (Sydney Mook / The Dickinson Press)

How Can the State Seize Property Without Due Process?

In Stark County a local rancher is faces┬áseveral felony and misdemeanor charges related to the alleged mistreatment of his cattle and horses. I don’t know much about the specific facts of those charges against this gentleman. I don’t know if he has mistreated his animals or not. I can say, however, that there is something

North Dakota's New Animal Cruelty Law Could Turn Unsuspecting Pet Owners Into Criminals

Today the House debated the amended version of SB2211, the “animal cruelty bill.” It’s a horrendous bit of legislation adding pages of confusing new policy to our criminal statutes which is, in turn, riddled with exceptions and exemptions intended to please certain special interest groups. That North Dakota doesn’t actually have an animal cruelty problem

After "Nazi" Twitter Controversy, Democrat Rep. Jessica Haak At It Again

I don’t think Rep. Jessica Haak needs any introduction to the SAB audience. She’s the Jamestown-area Democrat who called House Majority Leader Al Carlson a “Nazi” on Twitter and was later forced to apologize on the floor of the House. Well, Rep. Haak is at it again. Yesterday the House Agriculture Committee heard testimony on