Video: ND Democrat Says Tax Cuts Might Make The Economy Too Friendly For Business


Yesterday was a very interesting day in the North Dakota House. They were in floor session for something like seven hours, and considered a lot of very controversial bills. I thought I’d highlight a couple of the sillier comments that jumped out at me from all that talking.

First, here’s Rep. Corey Mock, arguing against a half-billion dollars in income tax cuts (the House ultimately passed them) saying that he’s not sure how much friendlier North Dakota’s economy can get.

You see, if we get too friendly, we might run out of people to hire.

At the end of the video you see Rep. Blair Thoreson point out the obvious. North Dakota’s economy is strong now, but our tax code could use some improvement. We’re ranked just 28th by the Tax Foundation in terms of tax-friendly economies. Our neighbors to the south, South Dakota, are ranked #1. Our neighbors to the west, Wyoming and Montana, are ranked 4th and 8th respectively.

But heaven forbid we reduce tax burdens when the state government is awash in cash. I mean, we wouldn’t want more people to move here and start businesses and families and stuff, would we?

Second, here’s Rep. Eliot Glassheim arguing against HB1183 (prohibiting state enforcement of federal gun control laws, it also passed the House), and saying that “if this passes I’m not saying the pledge anymore.”

“No more ‘one nation under God’,” he said, also noting that passing HB1183 would be the “first step toward civil war.”

No word yet on whether or not Rep. Glassheim will be saying the pledge of allegiance at the beginning of tomorrow’s floor session.