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North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum appears on the Fox Business channel on Monday, February 27.

Video: Governor Doug Burgum Talks Obamcare and Corporate Tax Cuts on Fox Business

Video: Governor Doug Burgum Talks Obamcare and Corporate Tax Cuts on Fox Business

This Fox Business segment featuring Governor Doug Burgum actually broadcast back on Monday, but I just got around to watching it and thought it was pretty interesting. As Republicans in Washington D.C. grapple with how to unravel Obamacare, and replace it with something new, Burgum was asked which parts of the law he’d like to

Governor Doug Burgum, seen here addressing a crowd after his election day victory, campaigned against North Dakota's big spending increases and promised not to raise taxes. Dave Wallis / The Forum

Trying to Solve a Spending Problem With Tax Hikes Is a Fool’s Errand

Here’s a simple truth about governance: Spending increases are easy. Spending cuts are really, really hard. North Dakota is currently learning that lesson. Per data put together by Legislative Council, our state’s general fund spending increased more than 167 percent from the 2007-2009 biennium to the peak of the oil boom in the 2013-2015 biennium.

Veterans march with activists near Backwater Bridge just outside of the Oceti Sakowin camp during a snow fall as "water protectors" continue to demonstrate against plans to pass the Dakota Access pipeline adjacent to the Standing Rock Indian Reservation, near Cannon Ball, N.D., on Dec. 5, 2016. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson

Tax Status of #NoDAPL Protest Contributions Is a Gray Area

Back in early December I wrote that the #NoDAPL movement against the Dakota Access Pipeline had taken in, at that time, over $11.2 million through some 285 different online fundraising accounts. That’s a lot of money flowing to a lot of different places, most of which seem to be individuals or groups without any sort

Doug Burgum addresses the crowd after winning the office of governor Tuesday night, Nov. 8, 2016, at the Sanctuary Events Center in Fargo. Brent Sanford, at right in the photo, is the new Lt. Governor Dave Wallis / The Forum

Governor Doug Burgum Has Broken His Pledges on Tax and Fee Hikes

Not once but twice during his campaign last year Governor Doug Burgum signed pledges to oppose increases in the state’s taxes and fees. In March Burgum signed a pledge circulated by a group of NDGOP district leaders which stated that he would “oppose and veto any and all efforts to increase taxes or user fees.”

Senate Minority Leader Mac Schneider speaks at the state capitol in Bismarck. House Minority Leader Kenton Onstad stands to the left, while Senator Joan Heckaman looks on from the right.

North Dakota Democrats Think You’re Not Paying Enough in Taxes

The drift of North Dakota’s Democrats into political irrelevance often gets blamed on how far left their national party has gone. It’s hard to win elections in North Dakota when your fellow Democrats nationally are advancing (as one example) a federal regulatory regime which would be devastating for North Dakota’s primary industries. But there is

Ballot Measure To Raise North Dakota’s Tobacco Taxes By Nearly 400 Percent Reportedly In The Works

UPDATE: From the comments: “Strange that we may have a ballot measure to legalize marijuana and at the same time a ballot measure to attempt to tax the tobacco industry out of business in this state.” North Dakota has some of the lowest tobacco tax rates in the nation. According to the Campaign for Tobacco

North Dakota Newspaper Editor: Obama Going For “Killing Blow” Against The Oil Industry

This video commentary by Dickinson Press editor Dustin Monke is pretty great. In it he addresses President Barack Obama’s proposed $10 per-barrel tax on oil production (which, as I’ve pointed out previously, would amount to about a $4.2 billion tax on North Dakota based on current production levels), something he calls an attempted “killing blow”

doug burgum

Audio: Burgum Sides With Democrats On Oil Tax Reform

UPDATE: Burgum has clarified his comments on the oil extraction tax. He says he supports the lower rate and would have signed the bill creating it into law had he been governor in 2015. Also, I mistakenly attributed comments about the lower rate being a give away to Burgum in the post below. Those weren’t


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