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Marty Riske: Raising Taxes on Tobacco and Vaping Is Not a Good Solution

Marty Riske: Raising Taxes on Tobacco and Vaping Is Not a Good Solution

This November, the voters of North Dakota will have several divergent ballot measures to weigh in on. One such measure is a brazen attempt to socially engineer behavior with the state’s tax code. Newspaper editorial boards such as the Fargo Forum and Grand Forks Herald have already decided this tax increase is the way to go,

North Dakota Democrats Think You’re Not Paying Enough in Taxes

The drift of North Dakota’s Democrats into political irrelevance often gets blamed on how far left their national party has gone. It’s hard to win elections in North Dakota when your fellow Democrats nationally are advancing (as one example) a federal regulatory regime which would be devastating for North Dakota’s primary industries. But there is

Ballot Measure To Raise North Dakota's Tobacco Taxes By Nearly 400 Percent Reportedly In The Works

UPDATE: From the comments: “Strange that we may have a ballot measure to legalize marijuana and at the same time a ballot measure to attempt to tax the tobacco industry out of business in this state.” North Dakota has some of the lowest tobacco tax rates in the nation. According to the Campaign for Tobacco

North Dakota Newspaper Editor: Obama Going For "Killing Blow" Against The Oil Industry

This video commentary by Dickinson Press editor Dustin Monke is pretty great. In it he addresses President Barack Obama’s proposed $10 per-barrel tax on oil production (which, as I’ve pointed out previously, would amount to about a $4.2 billion tax on North Dakota based on current production levels), something he calls an attempted “killing blow”

doug burgum

Audio: Burgum Sides With Democrats On Oil Tax Reform

UPDATE: Burgum has clarified his comments on the oil extraction tax. He says he supports the lower rate and would have signed the bill creating it into law had he been governor in 2015. Also, I mistakenly attributed comments about the lower rate being a give away to Burgum in the post below. Those weren’t


North Dakota High School Assignment: Tell Lawmakers To Raise Taxes

Should schools teach our kids what to think? Or how to think? Over at Watchdog today I write about an assignment at Sheyenne High School in West Fargo which made students write to state lawmakers urging them to raise tobacco taxes. The assignment was born of an American Lung Association presentation at a teacher conference