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Kalk Will Be Leaving Public Service Commission Creating Opening for Burgum’s First Appointment

Kalk Will Be Leaving Public Service Commission Creating Opening for Burgum’s First Appointment

Yesterday I broke the news that Public Service Commissioner Brian Kalk was considering a job at the University of North Dakota’s Energy and Environmental Research Center. When I spoke to Kalk about the situation he said he had a press release prepared to go out as soon as he was formally offered the job. Well,

Republican Leg Candidates Say They’ve Contacted Law Enforcement Over Destroyed Campaign Signs in Fargo

In wouldn’t be election season without some stories about campaign sign chicanery, but it seems what’s going on with some signs in District 44 is particularly egregious. That district is home to a heated contest between incumbent Senator Tim Flakoll and Rep. Blair Thoreson as well as newcomer state House candidate Gail Nelson on the

Marvin Nelson’s Pro-Life Record Is a Headache for Democrats

Karla Rose Hanson is a Democrat running for the state House in District 44. Current the House seats in that district are held by Republican Blair Thoreson and Democrat Josh Boschee. In a letter to the Fargo Forum recently, Hanson hit Thoreson for voting for a pro-life constitutional amendment which ultimately died on the statewide ballot:

Some Thoughts On How To Reform North Dakota's Gun Laws After Officer Moszer's Death

After Fargo police officer Jason Moszer was killed a couple of weeks ago it came to light that the man who was in a standoff with Moszer and other officers, one Marcus Schumacher, had legal access to guns even though he’d previously been convicted of a felony. I should be clear that we don’t know

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Felons Should Be Stopped From Automatically Getting Their Gun Rights Back In North Dakota

UPDATE: Initially this post said I was the first to report that Schumacher could legally obtain a gun. Per the comments, it turns out I wasn’t. WDAY had the story on February 12. I missed that one. Last week I reported that Marcus Schumacher, the man who shot Fargo police officer Jason Moszer, could legally obtain

Jared Hendrix: Support The Separation Of Powers In North Dakota

During the time of Aristotle, theories arose regarding the different components of government. These debates evolved over the centuries during which the world was exposed to every variant of monarchy, despotism and empire. It was the great political philosopher Montesquieu who most concisely established the concept of the “separation of powers” within government. In 1748,

Legislative Resolution Calls For Study Of Local Budget Transparency

On Friday – before the resolution was even posted online for the public to view – SCR4001 got a hearing and a unanimous “do pass” recommendation from the Senate Political Subdivisions Committee. The resolution calls for a study into “financial reports required by law to be compiled and filed by political subdivisions to determine whether they are being

Legislators Should Tie Transparency Measures To Local Government Funding

Over the last several bienniums one of the primary opponents to transparency efforts for taxation and spending in the state is local governments. During the 2009 legislative session Rep. Blair Thoreson, a Republican from Fargo, passed legislation creating a searchable database of state spending (you can see it here). That was a big success, and

LegitSlater: Will the Real Republican Legislators Please Stand Up?

If you haven’t yet noticed, the Legislature is back in session in Bismarck. Not a real session, mind you, but rather one where they learn how to actually legislate (or in the case of most, learn how to do it again in case they forgot). This week marks the beginning of the 64th Legislative Assembly

North Dakota District Conventions: Districts 16, 22, 44, and 46 Fargo-West Fargo-Cass County Area Guide Part II

This post is part of a continuing series highlighting the potential state legislative candidates from each district for their party’s nomination. For more information on this series, refer to the “SAB’s Guide To North Dakota District Conventions: A Government Of People Who Show Up” post. Due to the large number of districts in the Fargo-West Fargo-Cass County area,