Marvin Nelson’s Pro-Life Record Is a Headache for Democrats


Karla Rose Hanson is a Democrat running for the state House in District 44. Current the House seats in that district are held by Republican Blair Thoreson and Democrat Josh Boschee.

In a letter to the Fargo Forum recently, Hanson hit Thoreson for voting for a pro-life constitutional amendment which ultimately died on the statewide ballot:

In 2013, Thoreson and the Legislature advanced an extreme personhood measure that could have let the government interfere in private medical decisions like end-of- life care. The measure needed approval at the ballot in 2014 before it could be added to the constitution. In District 44, 73 percent of voters rejected it.

The measure Hanson is referring to was Measure 1 on the 2014 ballot, and it was put there by SCR4009 which was passed by bi-partisan majorities in the 2013 legislative session along with a number of other pro-life bills.

Ever since that session, which happened over three years ago now, Democrats have been trying to make political hay about those pro-life bills. Which is what Hanson’s letter was.

What’s a bit ironic about Hanson’s attack in particular, though, is that some of the people at the top of her party’s ticket on election day are people who voted for SCR4009.

For instance, state Representative Marvin Nelson who is the Democrats’ gubernatorial candidate.. In 2013 he not only voted for SCR4009 but he also voted to pass HB1305 (a ban on abortion for genetic selection), HB1456 (a ban on abortions after a heartbeat is detected).

State Senator Tim Mathern, who is on the statewide ballot for Democrats running for Treasurer, actually voted for more pro-life legislation in 2013 than Nelson did. Though he didn’t vote for SCR4009 or HB1456, he did vote for HB1305, SB2303 (personhood legislation), SB2305 (requires abortion doctors to be licensed in this state), and SB2368 (fetal pain bill).

Given how myopic Democrats are when it comes to life issues, it’s funny that two of their statewide candidates have fairly strong pro-life voting records of the sort Democrats typically criticize when the person casting the votes is a Republican.