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Proposed “Red Flag Law” for North Dakota Doesn’t Need to Be Resurrected

Proposed “Red Flag Law” for North Dakota Doesn’t Need to Be Resurrected

“There was a lot of learning that was happening about the gun violence issue as a whole, as well as what this bill would really do,” state Rep. Karla Rose Hanson, a Democrat from Fargo, told my colleague John Hageman. “Sometimes things take more than one session.” Hanson was responding to questions about whether or

North Dakota Democrats Make a Cheap, Ugly Argument About Paid Family Leave

Over the past couple of weeks the North Dakota Democrats have been trying to turn a (very good) report about pay for absent lawmakers from Bismarck Tribune journalist Jack Dura into a talking point about mandating paid family leave. I understand the argument, and believe Democratic leaders such as Senator Erin Oban (D-Bismarck) and Rep.

Losers Don’t Get to Be Choosers, Democrats

The Legislature has been organizing its interim committees of late, and a tradition for Democrats during this time is to spend a bunch of time whining about committee assignments. This time around, state Rep. Karla Rose Hanson (D-Fargo) is insinuating that Republicans purposefully excluded Democrats, and women specifically, from appointments to chair interim committees: You

Audio: Legislative Committee Intended for Amendment to Make It “More Difficult” for Victims Raped by Spouse to Sever That Association

Yesterday I wrote about SB2185. The legislation, introduced by Senator JoNell Bakke (D-Grand Forks), would allow courts to terminate the parental rights of a rapist to any children their crimes may have produced. Which, to my mind, makes it something of a pro-life bill. If you’re against abortion, even in instances of rape, you should

Is North Dakota’s First Openly Gay Lawmaker an Anti-Gay Bigot?

“Bigotry is alive and well in Bismarck,” writes Jim Shaw in his most recent column. “The North Dakota Legislature is standing still while the country goes forward on LGBT rights and protections,” he continues. It’s refreshing to see Shaw take a break from whining in print about former Senator Heidi Heitkamp’s loss in the last

Print Column: People Targeted by Gun-Grabbing ‘Red Flag’ Law Would Have to Pay for Their Own Defense

MINOT, N.D. – “You have the right to an attorney.” We’re all familiar with that phrase, a part of the famous Miranda warning that’s a staple of television and movies and, you know, actual police work. It’s formal recognition of the right to legal counsel from the Sixth Amendment. Thank goodness for it. Can you

Proposed Family Leave Program Is Basically Corporate Welfare

Before I make my argument, I should acknowledge that the business community in North Dakota has come out in opposition to HB1509. That proposal, introduced by state Rep. Karla Rose Hanson (D-Fargo), would create a mandatory family leave program for employers with 50 or more employees. It would be administered by Workforce Safety and Insurance

Plain Talk: People Targeted by “Red Flag” Law Have to Pay to Defend Their Gun Rights, Oil Industry Pays Half of All North Dakota Taxes

Over the weekend I had an interesting Twitter conversation with state Rep. Karla Rose Hanson, the sponsor of so-called “red flag” legislation which would allow law enforcement, or even just friends/family, to initiate a process through which a person’s guns can be seized based claims that they’re a danger to themselves and/or others. During that

“Waiting Until Something Bad Happens” Is Also Called “Innocent Until Proven Guilty”

My last Sunday print column was about HB1537, introduced by state Rep. Karla Rose Hanson (D-Fargo), which would set up a process through which the courts can take away guns from someone based on nothing more than an affidavit from law enforcement or a close relation saying they’re dangerous. I called this a gun seizure

Bill Would Create Mandatory Family Leave Program for Some North Dakota Employers

If a bill introduced by state Rep. Karla Rose Hanson (D-Fargo) passes, an employer in North Dakota with 50 or more employees would be required to participate in a “family medical leave” program which would give employees 66 percent of their pay (capped at $4,000 per month) for up to twelve weeks. The bill is