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Small Victories: OMB Budget Includes Allowance For Local Government Inclusion In Spending Database

Small Victories: OMB Budget Includes Allowance For Local Government Inclusion In Spending Database

Earlier this legislative session a bill introduced by Rep. Blair Thoreson requiring local governments to submit their budgets to the state for inclusion on the spending transparency website was defeated with opponents claiming, ludicrously, that such a thing would be too expensive and unnecessary. Because we all know the taxpayers don’t really like to know

House Backtracks On Prohibiting Committee Video, But Removes Funding For The Project

In was one step forward and two steps back in the House today on the issue of transparency. Last week the House approved a version of the legislature’s budget which specifically prohibited the creation of an online video streaming/archiving system for legislative committee hearings. The state has – brand new to this session – an

House Removes Funding For Online Video Access To Legislative Committee Hearings

Update: To be clear, Rep. Blair Thoreson was the bill carrier for the budget on the floor, but he’s made it clear below in the comments that he supports video cameras in committee. Rep. Thoreson has sponsored several transparency measures in this session and in previous sessions. A big change for this legislative session has

Senate Approves Bill To Expand Sale Of Fireworks In North Dakota

It got overshadowed by the abortion bills considered in the House, but in the Senate yesterday HB1259 introduced by Rep. Blair Thoreson was debated and passed on a narrow 24-23 vote. This wasn’t the bottle rocket ban – that’s HB1257. Rather, HB1259 expands the dates on which fireworks can be sold. Under current law fireworks

Video: ND Democrat Says Tax Cuts Might Make The Economy Too Friendly For Business

Yesterday was a very interesting day in the North Dakota House. They were in floor session for something like seven hours, and considered a lot of very controversial bills. I thought I’d highlight a couple of the sillier comments that jumped out at me from all that talking. First, here’s Rep. Corey Mock, arguing against

North Dakota House Kills Another Transparency Bill

The North Dakota House doesn’t have a lot of love for transparency this session, it seems. Coming on the heels of a defeat a bill, introduced by Rep. Blair Thoreson, creating a statewide database for local government spending the House has voted down another transparency bill. HB1255, also introduced by Rep. Thoreson, would have changed

ND House Waters Down "Ridiculous" State Smoking Ban

In the last election North Dakotans voted for a statewide smoking ban that, going beyond merely banning smoking, contained a number of provisions for workplaces such as posting signs and removing factory-installed ash trays even in personal vehicles used for work. But today the ND House voted for two laws watering down that ban. North

ND Legislature Hall Of Shame Week 6: Rep. Lawrence Klemin And Rep. Nancy Johnson

It was tempting to name every single Republican who voted “no” on HB1256 this week to the SAB Hall of Shame, but I wanted to focus instead on those who rose to argue against the bill which would have created a central state database for all local spending in the state. Rep. Nancy Johnson spoke

Shameful: ND House Votes Down Local Government Transparency Bill

Rep. Blair Thoreson has been a real champion when it comes to fighting for government transparency here in North Dakota. Back in the 2009 legislative session Rep. Thoreson introduced and got passed a bill creating an online database of all state government spending (you can see it here). Since then Rep. Thoreson has been trying

Democrat Who Wants Legalized Marijuana Argues In Favor Of Bottle Rocket Ban

Politics at times makes for strange bed fellows. That was clear today in watching the North Dakota House debate HB1257, introduced by Rep. Blair Thoreson, which would repeal North Dakota’s ban on bottle rocket sales. Liberal Democrat Rep. Steve Zaiser, who was a spokesman for an initiated measure effort to legalize medicinal marijuana, argued strenuously