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South Dakota’s “We’re on Meth” Ad Is Hokey, but the More Important Question Is Whether These Ads Even Work

South Dakota’s “We’re on Meth” Ad Is Hokey, but the More Important Question Is Whether These Ads Even Work

South Dakota’s on meth. I could insert a joke here about how North Dakotans knew it all along, but I’m above that sort of thing. [Editor: Really, Port?] The truth is that methamphetamine is a real problem in our part of the world, and South Dakota’s ad campaign is (love it or hate it) part

The U.S. Supreme Court in Washington. Washington Post photo by Ricky Carioti

The Fight Over Online Sales Taxes Cannot Be About Fairness

“Our view: Put online sellers on equal footing,” is the headline over a Grand Forks Herald editorial today, making the point that the U.S. Supreme Court should back South Dakota’s law instituting a 4.5 percent sales tax on online sales of retailers doing more than $100,000 in annual business. It’s a case with national implications because

Let’s Face It: Marsy’s Law Is a Mess, and Initiated Measures Are Dumb

Earlier this week I wrote about law enforcement authorities in South Dakota deciding that they can no longer report the locations of crimes because of amendments to their state constitution from Marsy’s Law. That state’s voters cast their ballots for that law the same as North Dakota’s voters. A further complication is that, apparently, the

Kathleen Wrigley, a sponsor of Marsy's Law for North Dakota, speaks about the ballot measure which would go on to be approved by voters.

Marsy’s Law Creating Havoc in South Dakota as Cops Say They’ll Stop Reporting Locations of Crimes

The Marsy’s Law constitutional amendment – which passed here in North Dakota earlier this month by a wide margin – is a terrible, misguided, poorly-thought-out piece of policy. The billionaire who funded the ballot measure promoted it in other states as well, including South Dakota where it also passed. But in that state state provisions

South Dakota Wants You To Use The Bathroom Corresponding With Your Biological Gender, And That Makes Sense

I’m not sure I understand the controversy over this legislation. “The South Dakota Senate on Tuesday followed earlier approval by the House to pass a bill that would require public school students to use the bathroom, shower and locker room that correspond to their biological sex,” the Forum News Service Reports. “If Republican Gov. Dennis

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The Dakotas Are An Unfriendly Place For Democrats

This Roll Call piece from yesterday about South Dakota Republican Senator John Thune’s re-election bid will sound awfully familiar to Republicans in North Dakota. Thune, you might remember, made national headlines when he unseated Democrat Tom Daschle, then the Senate Minority Leader, in 2004. In 2010 he went on to re-election without facing an opponent. And,

On Television: Why Is North Dakota Spending Twice As Much As South Dakota?

On my weekly segment with Chris Berg on Valley News Live last night we discussed this recent SAB post from Mike Marcil comparing South Dakota’s government with North Dakota’s. In his post, Marcil points out that South Dakota’s government is a lot more lean than North Dakota’s, and taxes are significantly lower. In fact, Berg