Jack Seaman: Libertarians Of North And South Dakota To Meet In Mandan


The Libertarian Party of North Dakota (LPND) and South Dakota (LPSD) will be holding a joint meeting this Saturday, Nov. 7th at the Baymont Inn and Suites in Mandan from 1-5 p.m.

In addition to general socializing and various speeches, on the agenda for the LPND will be the election of party officers and nomination of candidates for office in 2016.

I’m excited to get the ball rolling. As you probably have heard, the LPND earned ballot access for 2016 in the 2014 race for Secretary of State, in which our candidate, Roland Riemers earned more than the 5% of votes required for access.

I can say with confidence at this point that the LPND will have a full slate of candidates for statewide office in 2016 (a first) in addition to a number of legislative candidates throughout the state. In my opinion, as a voter more choices are good, so that’s a big win for the voters of North Dakota. I’m very excited about some younger LPND candidates who will be on your ballot.

I’m asking and encouraging anyone who’s frustrated with the two-party system to attend our little get together this weekend. Come meet some people and shake some hands. Get into a heated discussion about a topic or two. Get involved.

My plans for 2016? At this point I’m honestly not 100% sure (this meeting will iron out a few details) but it’s safe to say you will hear from me soon on the subject.

Our party is growing, we have ballot access and we’re not going anywhere but up. Our message of minimum government, maximum freedom and personal liberty rings with a lot of people, especially young voters. We’d love to have you be a part of what we are building here in North Dakota and across the Country.