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Watch It: Doug Burgum's First TV Ad Plays Up Economic Anxiety, Calls Stenehjem "Career Politician"

Watch It: Doug Burgum's First TV Ad Plays Up Economic Anxiety, Calls Stenehjem "Career Politician"

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cve0xDdts6k]Earlier today I noted that Doug Burgum had made the first television buy in North Dakota’s gubernatorial race. The campaign isn’t responding to my inquiries, but I’m told that it was a $150,000 buy for 30 and 60 second spots on statewide television. The campaign has sent out a press release (below) linking to

Donald Trump Wins North Dakota Straw Poll

North Dakota’s Republicans didn’t hold a primary or a caucus this election cycle for reasons that are a little difficult to fathom. Some in the state party argue that it’s better for our states delegates, selected at the NDGOP’s statewide convention, to participate in the national convention without being bound by a vote to any


Williston City Leaders Take A Shameful Stand Against "Man Camps"

In Ayn Rand’s novel Atlas Shrugged the author invented something called the “anti-dog-eat-dog” rule. In the story, the characters create it to stop “destructive competition” between railroad companies. Rand intended the law to be a satire of companies which seek to maintain their market share not by managing their businesses well but by getting the government

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Can Democrats Put Doug Burgum Over The Top In An Open Republican Primary?

Back in January, shortly after Doug Burgum announced his campaign for governor, I wrote that years of incompetence by North Dakota Democrats might actually be a boon for him. North Dakota has no voter registration and a wide open primary ballot. Democrats can vote for Republican candidates, and with Democrats unlikely to field competitive nomination

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Is Wayne Stenehjem Willing To Take On The Whole Problem With Skyrocketing Incarceration Rates?

So far the NDGOP’s gubernatorial nomination race (which will likely pick North Dakota’s next governor given the near total abdication of relevance by the Democrats) has been long on ideological rhetoric and somewhat short on policy specifics. But Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem just brought up a very substantive issue on the campaign trail. Namely, prison

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Heidi Heitkamp's Favorite Presidential Candidate Wants To Basically Ban Fracking

The key to Senator Heidi Heitkamp’s political success in North Dakota is her posturing as a moderate. And the policy area where she does the most posturing is on the topic of energy. And yet, the presidential candidates she supports – not to mention her own actions, indirectly – keep undermining North Dakota’s energy interests.

Have North Dakota's State Agencies Have Figured Out That The Oil Boom Is Over Yet?

North Dakota’s oil boom is over. In fact, it’s been over for a while. Drilling activity is down. Commerce is slowing. Workers who came here to get oil industry jobs, and related employment, are now seeking their fortunes elsewhere.  While the word “bust” isn’t an accurate description, it is a significant change from the last