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Wayne Stenehjem Needs To Explain Why He Opposed Anti-Obamacare Lawsuit

Wayne Stenehjem Needs To Explain Why He Opposed Anti-Obamacare Lawsuit

At a gubernatorial nomination debate in Rugby last week candidates Doug Burgum and Rick Becker hit Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem (who didn’t attend, shame on him) over an amicus brief he filed opposing an anti-Obamacare lawsuit. They’re talking about the King vs. Burwell case, and the candidates probably know about the issue because I wrote about

More Government Subsidies For Suddenly Anti-Big Government Burgum

Over the last week there have been three debates among the NDGOP’s gubernatorial candidates (front runner Wayne Stenehjem attended only one, unfortunately, which is worthy of criticism). At those debates Fargo businessman Doug Burgum made a remarkable shift in his posturing as a candidate. Suddenly eschewing the dressed-down, jeans-and-sweatshirts look he’s known for in favor

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Michael Filloon: Things Are Anything But Fine In North Dakota

Chris Berg had an excellent question on 6:30 Point of View’s ND Governor’s Candidate Forum. The question was quite simple, and covered North Dakota’s 2016 budgetary issues. Is ND just fine? This question revolves around our current budget gap created by gross miscalculations forecasting the price of oil. To answer this question, we must look

The Big Winner In North Dakota's Gubernatorial Race Will Be The Advertising Industry

“A poll commissioned by North Dakota United—the combined teacher and public worker unions—was released last week and showed us who the real winner in the North Dakota GOP’s hotly contested gubernatorial race will be,” I write in my Sunday column this week. The answer, of course, is the advertising industry. Because the poll I’m talking

NDGOP Debate: Does Doug Burgum Believe What He Says About Government Handouts?

I was told that video from last night’s NDGOP-sponsored debate among the Republican gubernatorial candidates would be online today, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere. When or if I do I’ll update this post with it for those of you who missed it. It is worth watching. I feel like as this race

It's Just A Steady Stream Of Bad News For North Dakota Democrats

It seems state Senator George Sinner may not be running for re-election in District 46. This after confirming, again, that he’s on the long, long list of Democrats deciding not to run for governor. This just two years after Sinner – son of former Governor George A. Sinner –  was on the statewide ballot for Democrats