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NDSU And Foundation Refusing To Answer Questions About Conflicts Of Interest

NDSU And Foundation Refusing To Answer Questions About Conflicts Of Interest

Earlier this week I had a post about draft legislation from state Rep. Roscoe Streyle (R-Minot) which would ban remuneration and reimbursement from the university foundations to university presidents. In that post I wrote that the big issue with those sort of financial relationships are the potential for conflicts of interest between foundation donors and

Video: Doug Burgum Seems To Be Running For Governor Of Fargo

Last night NDGOP gubernatorial candidates Rick Becker and Doug Burgum were on Chris Berg’s Valley News Live program for what was described as a candidate forum. Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem, the third man in the race, didn’t participate and got ripped for it. Stenehjem, along with the other two candidates, will be participating in the debate

Attorney For Former State Lawmaker/Firefighter Says City Of Fargo Inappropriately Revealed Medical Condition

Yesterday Scot Kelsh, a Democrat who served in the state House from 199-2014, lost his appeal over his termination from the City of Fargo’s fire department at a hearing before the city’s Civil Service Commission. Kelsh says he has a condition, revealed during the hearing to be post-traumatic stress disorder, which prevents him from working

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Burgum's Explanation For Ugly Poll Doesn't Quite Hold Water

Yesterday Fargo businessman and NDGOP gubernatorial candidate Doug Burgum got some bad news in the form of an ugly poll which showed him losing in a head-to-head Republican primary contest to Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem 59 to 10. In response Burgum told reporter Mike Nowtazki his problem was just name recognition, something he can fix between now


Eric Olson: Forget A Third Party, North Dakota Needs A Second Party

You typically hear Libertarians such as myself advocate for a third party to bring choice to the otherwise one dimensional political landscape of left vs right.   The reality of our current situation is that North Dakota is a one party state.   The current state Senate is 68% Republican, the House is 76% Republican,

NIMBY Wins: North Dakota County Slams The Door On Research Aimed At Helping Nuclear Energy

My newspaper column on Sunday was about not-in-my-backyard parochialism standing in the way of progress. One of the examples I cited was the opposition in Pierce County (Rugby) to a University of North Dakota research project aimed at finding better ways to store the byproducts of nuclear energy. Keep in mind, this was just research.

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Proposed Legislation Would Prohibit University Foundations From Covering Personal Expenses For Presidents

Earlier this year embattled North Dakota State University President Dean Bresciani found himself in hot water after he billed a roughly $7,000 first class ticket upgrade to the taxpayers. Bresciani’s boss, North Dakota University System Chancellor Mark Hagerott, called it an “embarrassment.” In response, Bresciani asked the NDSU Development Foundation to cover the cost of the