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City Debt Triples As Minot Voters Consider $88 Million Rec Center

City Debt Triples As Minot Voters Consider $88 Million Rec Center

Here’s some local news for you Minot area readers. As you know I’m not a big fan of the Minot Park District’s proposed $88 million recreation center and water park, called the MARC or Minot Area Recreation Center. It was proposed in January and rushed to the ballot. Voters will decide its fate tomorrow (here’s

House Kills Amendment Requiring Lawmakers To Live In Their Districts After It Gets Second Life

SCR4010 is a constitutional resolution which would require that state lawmakers actually live in their districts in order to serve in the state assembly. The fate of this legislation seemed to be sealed last month when the House gave it the “death by study” treatment, which is when lawmakers take a bill they don’t like

Rod St. Aubyn: Tests Abound For The North Dakota University System

Higher education has once again found itself in the news with the possible lawsuit by a former NDUS attorney and the student discontent with UND’s President. As I read the stories it became apparent that these recent issues will be a test for many parties that will need to deal with these controversies. Being a

UND President Apologizes After Attacking Students At Meeting

When University of North Dakota Student Body President Tanner Franklin announced a meeting of the student government last week to consider a resolution calling for the resignation of institution President Robert Kelley the reaction from the administration was swift and immediate. Kelley and his supporters showed up at the Thursday meeting in force to attack

Fix The Damn Oil Tax Already

On the 70th day of the state’s 80 legislative session Republican leaders in the House and Senate have proposed a major reform to oil tax policy. Already it is being met anger from partisan Democrats hoping to inflame the public’s hatred for “big oil,” but it’s time to cut through that nonsense. It’s time to