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Robert Harms: Oil Tax Change Is Good For North Dakota

Robert Harms: Oil Tax Change Is Good For North Dakota

The North Dakota Legislature is on the verge of passing monumental legislation to change the structure of North Dakota’s oil taxes by eliminating the triggers and putting the state and the industry on a more predictable and stable path. A lower permanent rate will encourage continued investment, boost production, and ultimately lead to more jobs


NDSU President Dean Bresciani: State Auditors Are Too Dumb To Audit Higher Education

North Dakota lawmakers want to audit the supposedly private foundations that associate themselves with our public universities, and for good reason based on recent events. When the UND Research Foundation couldn’t make ends meet on the REAC Building they dumped it on the taxpayers last year. When the Dickinson State University Foundation, currently in receivership thanks to a

On Television: Do Democrats Want To Make Policy Or Make Headlines?

Do Democrats care about making good policy, or making headlines? On my television segment last night with Chris Berg on Valley News Live (watch it here) we discussed the news I broke yesterday regarding legislative Democrats and their treatment of one of their own who broke ranks on the oil tax reform bill. Senator Connie


Tony Magnall: If You Want Influence, Become A Libertarian

If you vote Democrat or Republican, you have zero influence in Washington.  That’s right.  Zero.  This is not hyperbole, rather it is scientific fact.  As evidence I submit to you this study, and the damning statistics therein (link also posted at the bottom of this article).  Here is a short excerpt: “A shattering new study

John Andrist: Why Don't Universities Play By The Rules?

One of the hit songs from the Broadway musical, “My Fair Lady”, was a whimsical lament, “Why can’t a lady be like a man?” My question this week is, “Why can’t our university system play by the rules”. Just this past week came new allegations that the University System fired an employee/attorney for blowing the

Democrats Furious When One Of Their Own Breaks Ranks On Oil Tax Reform

UPDATE: This amendment was passed by the Senate committee on a 6-1 vote. All Republicans on the committee voted yes. The two Democrats split their votes. Dating back to the 2014 campaign season when they were making political hay about “tax cuts for big oil” (they targeted Senator Lonnie Laffen in particular) North Dakota Democrats have invested themselves

North Dakota House Sends Legislator Residency Requirement Amendment To The Ballot

It was a rocky road, but it seems North Dakota voters will get a chance to cast their ballots on SCR4010 which is a constitutional amendment creating a stricter residency requirement for state lawmakers. Currently state law only requires that lawmakers live in their districts for 30 days before election day. In the past some

Score One For The University Of North Dakota Student Government

You’ve got to hand it to Tanner Franklin and the student government at the University of North Dakota. Their resolution calling for the resignation of UND President Robert Kelley and other administrators achieved its goals. Instead of Kelley and his administration steamrolling students, giving them only perfunctory involvement in processes surrounding issues like setting tuition,

It's Going To Be Tough For Heidi Heitkamp To Run In 2016

Democrats have a problem with their Senators wanting to run for Governor in 2016 ahead of what looks to be a very ugly cycle for them in 2018. Senators Joe Manchin (West Virginia), Claire McCaskill (Missouri), and Heidi Heitkamp (North Dakota) have all been rumored to be desirous of serving as the chief executive of