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North Dakota’s Democratic U.S. House Candidate Says He Can’t Endorse Hillary Clinton

North Dakota’s Democratic U.S. House Candidate Says He Can’t Endorse Hillary Clinton

Earlier this year North Dakota’s Democrats made a lot of hay over Republican Senator John Hoeven’s tepid support-but-not-endorse stance on presidential candidate Donald Trump. “I can tell you that he is not endorsing in the presidential race and that he will support the nominee of the party,” Hoeven told Politico in May, a response the Washington Post

Audio: North Dakota House Candidates Cramer, Iron Eyes, Seaman Clash Over Trump, Clinton, Debt, and Climate Change

I had North Dakota’s three candidates for the U.S. House – Republican incumbent Kevin Cramer, Democrat Chase Iron Eyes, and Libertarian Jack Seaman – on my radio show for a debate. I was expected things to get a little heated, and boy was I not at all wrong about that. We had so many calls

Audio: Jack Seaman Says Kevin Cramer Has “Consistently Voted for Unbalanced Budgets”

Jack Seaman, Libertarian candidate for the U.S. House, was my guest on the radio today. His top priority, should be be elected to the U.S. House? The national debt, which he described as the “biggest threat to our national security” today. He said his Republican opponent, incumbent Congressman Kevin Cramer, has “consistently voted for unbalanced

In North Dakota Trump Has Wide Lead Over Clinton in Head to Head Race, but Libertarian Polling Strong

According to a Washington Post poll of the presidential race in the various states Clinton is looking much stronger than Trump these days, but in North Dakota it’s Trump who dominates Clinton in a head-to-head matchup. But more interesting are the results from the four-way race that will actually be in front of voters here. When

Libertarian Jack Seaman Blasts Taxpayer Funded “Coffee With Cramer” Mailer, Cramer Says It’s Whining

North Dakota residents may have noticed a glossy mailer from Republican Congressman Kevin Cramer’s office landing in their mailboxes advertising “Coffee with Cramer” events across the state. I know several of you readers have emailed me photos of them, noting in particular a disclaimer noting they’d been paid for “at taxpayer expense.” According to Cramer’s

Kevin Cramer: Privacy Must Be Balanced With Safety

Libertarian U.S. House Candidate Jack Seaman has made a number of false claims about my record, claiming I’ve voted to “expand our government’s surveillance of U.S. citizens” and “in favor of indefinite detention of U.S. citizens.”  The fact of the matter is, my record is exactly the opposite. While I wasn’t serving in Congress in

Jack Seaman: Kevin Cramer Has Consistently Voted To Expand Government Surveillance

As is the tradition whenever tragedy strikes, the shooting in Orlando was yet another terrible event in our country that has stirred national debate once again. Television, talk radio and of course social media are ablaze with a fervent discussion of gun violence, gun control and terrorism, along with every possible angle of each of

Democratic House Candidate Chase Iron Eyes Says Nude Photo Of Him Is Real, But Affair Allegations Are not

Last week Native American activist Chase Iron Eyes accepted the North Dakota Democratic party’s endorsement to run for the U.S. House. This week he finds himself dealing with internet allegations of an extramarital affair with a colleague – complete with a nude picture of him – which he says aren’t true. “I’ve been dealing with