Chase Iron Eyes Needs to Stop Pretending Like He Hasn’t Been Invited to a Debate


TOM STROMME/Tribune Chase Iron Eyes speaks at his booth at the 2016 North Dakota Democratic-NPL state convention where he is seeking the party's nomination for Congress. The convention continues Saturday in Bismarck.

UPDATE: Since this post was published Iron Eyes has reached out to me and it sounds like he’s going to participate in the October 13 debate.

Last week I started a new radio show on WDAY AM970. It airs from 1-2pm, if you’re interested.

So, as you might imagine, I spent last week working on some long-term bookings for the show. Particularly getting some of the candidates and initiated measure spokespeople on my program to debate.

So far I’ve booked a gubernatorial debate with Democrat Marvin Nelson and Libertarian Mary Riske for the full hour of the show on September 27. Republican candidate Doug Burgum told me on air last week the three debates he is already participating in are enough in his mind. I don’t agree with him, but that’s his decision.

I’ve also booked a U.S. House debate between Republican Kevin Cramer and Libertarian Jack Seaman for October 13. I sent an invitation to Chase Iron Eyes on September 15, the same day I reached out to Cramer and Seaman (who have both confirmed, by the way).

So far, I haven’t heard anything back from Iron Eyes, despite even publicly tweeting him to get his attention.

But today he was on Twitter attacking Cramer for not scheduling a debate:

I guess Iron Eyes is just going to pretend like he didn’t receive my invitation.

Which isn’t very honest of him.

On October 13 I will host a debate between Cramer and Seaman live on the radio with open phones, and afterward I will post the full and unedited audio of the debate right here on SAB.

I hope Iron Eyes participates. Or, at the very least, if he chooses not to participate I hope he quits pretending as though he hasn’t been given an opportunity to participate in a debate with Cramer and Seaman.