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Greta Thunberg to Visit Site of Violent Protests Against the Dakota Access Pipeline

Greta Thunberg to Visit Site of Violent Protests Against the Dakota Access Pipeline

According to a press release from the Lakota People’s Law Project, child activist Greta Thunberg will be visiting North and South Dakota this week. She will visit the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota on Sunday, October 6. On Tuesday, October 8, she’ll visit the Standing Rock Indian Reservation. Standing Rock straddles the North

North Dakota Democrats Schedule Rally With Group Which Supports the #NoDAPL Protesters

According to this report in the Bismarck Tribune, the North Dakota Democratic Party will be holding a rally in Bismarck on Sunday coordinated with the Lakota People’s Law Project (the Renewable Energy Caucus mentioned is, per the FEC, affiliated officially with the Democratic Party). The LPLP is a group which was and still is heavily invested

How Do the Suddenly Pro-Trump North Dakota Democrats Explain Having a #NoDAPL Leader on Their Ticket Last Cycle?

In recent weeks our Democratic friends here in North Dakota have made an about-face on President Donald Trump. Circa 2016 they were calling the man “vile” and “unfit for office” but in 2018 the party is bragging about how close their top candidate this cycle, Senator Heidi Heitkamp, got to stand to the President at

#NoDAPL Activist on Trial Claims There Should Be No Consequences for Protecting Water

If you needed more evidence for the idea that some factions of the environmental movement are convinced that tactics like violence and vandalism are justified by their cause, consider this press release from the Lakota People’s Law Project. It’s announcing the impending delivery of what they allege are more than 50,000 petition signatures asking a

Video: North Dakota Law Enforcement Arrests Rogue #NoDAPL Protesters at Illegal Trespass Camp

“There was some good communication going at a higher level between Standing Rock and our government and probably even the federal government,” a Bismarck law enforcement official told those #NoDAPL protesters who tried to establish a new protest camp on private property yesterday. “You pretty much ruined it today.” Those comments are in a video

Former Democratic U.S. House Candidate Chase Iron Eyes Arrested in Renewed #NoDAPL “Direct Action”

As I wrote earlier, despite a cooperative spirit between state and tribal officials in recent weeks, a contingent of “rogue” protesters today attempted to establish an illegal camp on privately owned land near the Dakota Access Construction site. The protesters set up teepees and, per the activists talking in the video below, were saying they

Standing Rock Chairman to #NoDAPL Protesters: Don’t Come Back to North Dakota

The Standing Rock Sioux tribal leadership isn’t giving up their fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline, not even after President Donald Trump has issued an order to reverse delays to construction instituted by the Obama administration. But they do have a message to people from around the country who might be inclined to travel back

North Dakota Democrat Suspended on Facebook After Calling for “War” Against Pipeline

Chase Iron Eyes, erstwhile Democrat candidate for the U.S. House, had his Facebook account suspended recently after he called for “war” against the Dakota Access Pipeline. I had written about Iron Eyes unfortunate postings earlier this week. “I and my family have had issues with Facebook before – I’ve been suspended for posting nudity, for

North Dakota Democrat Vows “War” Over Dakota Access Pipeline

Since losing on the general election ballot last year Chase Iron Eyes, who received the nomination of North Dakota Democrats to run for the U.S. House in 2016, has embedded himself in the Dakota Access Pipeline protest camps. He’s been there urging protesters to stay in the camps, despite Standing Rock Sioux tribal leadership asking